Winter special MO|RE data

Attention sports science community!

There are exciting news: The research data repository MO|RE data, which enables the publication and citable preparation of datasets of motor performance, is launching an exclusive winter special - and you should definitely be part of it! We will reward your contribution to research with an attractive expense allowance.


FAQ winter campaign: Reimbursement for uploading data sets!

What can I expect?

For your complete upload of a data of motor performance set to MO|RE data, you will receive an attractive expense allowance of €100 after publication.

Until when does the winter special run?

You can participate until April 8, 2024.

Note: The special may end earlier if the funding amount has been used up.

Who can take part in the special?

All researchers and people with data of motor performance can take part in the campaign, with the exception of KIT employees.

What do I have to do?

To receive the attractive expense allowance, follow the steps below:

Upload your data record: Submit your complete data of motor performance set to MO|RE data.

Perform mapping: Complete the mapping of your motor test items and grouping variables (e.g. age, gender, ...).

Enter metadata: Enter the complete metadata for your data set.

Wait for publication: After successful review and approval, your dataset will be published.

Receive compensation: Contact us with an informal email(more-data∂ and we will send you the specifications for the uncomplicated application.

You can find a detailed explanation of the upload process in the manual or as a video tutorial.

What does checking and approving the data set mean?

After submission, the data set is forwarded to the editorial board for review. The review by the Editorial Board can take up to three weeks before the dataset is released and published.

Why should I participate?

Financial recognition: Your dedicated work in promoting open data in sports science deserves to be recognized. We value your contribution and reward you for it.

Advancement of research: The data you provide will make a valuable contribution to deepening our understanding of motor performance and enable research to move forward.

Citation eligibility: By publishing your data on MO|RE data, it becomes an integral part of the scientific community. The citability (with DOI) of your contributions ensures that your research work can be taken up and reused by other scientists.

How do I receive the expense allowance?

Contact us with an informal email(more-data∂ and we will send you the specifications for the uncomplicated application.

How big does my data set have to be?

The size of the data set does not matter.

Can I upload several data sets?

You are welcome to upload several datasets to MO|RE data. However, you can only apply for the expense allowance of €100 once.

Can I only upload data sets with sports motor skills data?

MO|RE data stores data on motor performance, so your data set for uploading must contain at least one motor test task as well as age and gender. Other additional data (e.g. results from questionnaires, activity behavior, etc.) can be uploaded at the same time within the data set.

I have further questions, who can I contact?

Have a look at our FAQs on the homepage. If your question is not answered there, please contact more-data∂

Take part in our winter campaign and let's advance open science together! We look forward to your valuable contributions.

With best regards,

Your MO|RE data Team