Test materials

Standard materials or consumables
• Stopwatches (push-ups, sit-ups, 20m-sprint, side to side jumping, 6 min run) 
• masking tape
• 6 marking cones (6-minute run, 20-meter sprint)
• Numbers or bodices
• 1 meter measure (size measurement)
• Scale (weight measurement)
• 1 tape measure (standing long jump)
• Data entry sheets
• 2 gymnastic mats (push-ups, sit-ups) 

Special test materials
The special test materials are required for Balancing Backwards and Stand and Reach.
• 3 balancing beams (3m long, 5 cm high; 6 cm, 4.5 cm, 3 cm wide) plus starting board  (40 x 40 cm)
• Device for Stand and Reach


A test bag with all special test materials including the evaluation software can be obtained for 419 € (plus VAT) from the company "Mobile biomechanische Messsysteme". Order directly from the manufacturer or by email to dmt∂ifss.kit.edu.

Contents of the test bag:

  • 3 balancing beams (widths: 6 cm; 4.5 cm; 3 cm)
  • Starting board
  • Device for trunk bending with locking screw for attachment to a long bench
  • CD-Rom with evaluation software, manual
  • data entry sheets (50 pieces)
  • tape
  • scale