Test evaluation

Evaluation software

Online-based evaluation software is available to evaluate test results. Access to the evaluation software can be requested by sending an informal email to dmt∂ifss.kit.edu.

The DMT evaluation software can be used platform independent with any operating system. 10 events can be entered per access and 60 subjects can be entered per event. Individual and group evaluations are available.

The evaluation software is basically used to evaluate test results of the DMT. The evaluation is based on existing age- and gender-specific norm values.  

The software can be used to create different events within which several children can be listed. After entering the test results of the children, various actions are available. Result feedback can be accomplished in several ways.

Individual feedback sheet: Measured values, classification into one of five performance classes, graphical representation of the performance profile.
Certificate: measured values and child-oriented feedback of the exercises in three categories
Group overview: Listing of the test person separately according to gender with the respective test performance and rating of the five performance classes
Group evaluation: minimum and maximum score achieved, percentage distribution of the performance achieved in the five performance classes
Data export to Excel file: An export function to an xls file is available in order to be able to calculate further statistical evaluations.

GMT-Evaluation Platform (Videotutorial)