On this website you will find information on the test items and on how to perform and evaluate the test. In addition, you will find a number of aids for the test implementation in the download area. Detailed information on the creation of the IPPTP-R, exact descriptions of the test items and instructions for test implementation can be found in the test manual.

Testmanual IPPTP-R

Available GMT data sets

DOI of the GMT-Data collection:

10.18152/moredata/364 (2013), 10.18152/moredata/372 (2014)

10.18152/moredata/373 (2015), 10.18152/moredata/374 (2016)

10.18152/moredata/375 (2017), 10.18152/moredata/376 (2018)



DOI of the KITT+-Data collection:

10.18152/moredata/365 (2012) 10.18152/moredata/366 (2013)

10.18152/moredata/367 (2014) 10.18152/moredata/368 (2015)

10.18152/moredata/369 (2016) 10.18152/moredata/370 (2017)

10.18152/moredata/371 (2018)



DOI from Wittelsberger (2012):


Test bag

The test bag with all special test materials including evaluation software can be obtained from the company "Mobile biomechanische Messsysteme" for 419 € plus VAT. Order directly from the manufacturer or by e-mail to dmt@sport.uka.de.



The GMT manual

The GMT manual is available at bookstores or from Feldhaus Verlag.
ISBN 978-3-88020-520-8