About the Project


MO|RE data is a project at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, funded by the German Research Foundation DFG. Its aim is to build an e-research infrastructure for motor research data stemming mostly from sports science studies. At the core of the database will be data from selected standardized and widely applied motor performance tests. MO|RE data also plans to generate high quality norm data and to publish accompanying material for motor performance tests.

Click here to visit the database: www.motor-research-data.de



Data on motor performance is generated in a number of national and international studies. The current research landscape is characterized by inconsistent and at times contradictory results regarding samples and methods applied. Furthermore, much of the research data is not used for publications and thus remains hidden for other research groups.



MO|RE data bundles available motor function research data in an e-research infrastructure and provides access to it for the general public. MO|RE data also generates comprehensive norm data of motor performance and accompanying material for motor performance tests. At its core will be data from selected standardized and widely known tests (e.g., standing long jump, shuttle run, sit-ups).



MO|RE data is planned to be freely accessible for researchers as well as practitioners (trainers, teachers, physicians) and the general public. MO|RE data will be a web-based application providing long-term access to refereed data which can be uniquely identified, cited, and re-used. As part of the first project phase (2014-2016), a web-enabled application was already available. As part of the second project phase (2021-2022) the user-friendliness, networking, quality assurance as well as the sustainability will be improved.


Overall Concept