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1. Test objective

Registration of the body height in centimeters.

2. Description of the task

The test person is asked to take off shoes and heavy outer clothing (coat, jacket) and stand on the floor plate. While doing so, the back faces the measuring rod and the heels touch the back wall of the floor plate. Make sure that the back of the head and the buttocks also touch the measuring rod and that the measuring rod remains straight. The test person should let the arms hang down loosely at the sides, push the knees through and look straight ahead. The measuring board is then pushed down until it rests on the subject's head. Before reading, check the head position and make sure that the knees are straight.

3. Test materials

 3.1 Space requirement: 1 m2
 3.2 Time and person requirements: 1 test leader can test 1 test subject within 1 minute
 3.3 Equipment and material: Seca 213 stadiometer or a tape measure (2 m)


4. Test setup

The components of the Seca 213 stadiometer are plugged together and attached to the base plate. It is then set up in a non-slip manner in a free space in the room.
Alternatively, a meter tape can be attached vertically to the wall so that the zero point is on the floor.

5. Measurement recording

The test leader pushes the measuring board down until it touches the head. Now the size can be read off the measuring board to the nearest 0.1 cm and noted on the recording sheet.

6. Test instruction

Here we measure your height. Please take off your shoes and stand on this measuring plate. Your heels should touch the back wall of the plate. Stretch your knees and keep your head straight so that it slightly touches the measuring rod. Your arms should hang loosely at your sides.

7. Special notes

The measurement takes place without shoes.

Sources of error
The test person is not standing upright
The knees are not pushed through
Wrong head position

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