MoMo and MO|RE at the DCD15-IMDRC6

On June 8th, the 15th iteration of the Developmental Coordination Disorder Congress was held in a combined event with the 6th gathering of the International Motor Development Research Consortium.

Dr. Claudia Niessner represented MO|RE data at the event and presented a Poster on the project.

The MoMo project was also represented by Dr. Anke Hanssen-Doose, who presented the Re-Validation of the MoMo-test profile. The Poster can be viewed here.



Prof Gregor Jurak's visit

On April 25th, Professor Gregor Jurak visited the Institute of Sport and Sports Science (IfSS) to present the FitBack program. The presentation took place in a hybrid session, allowing interested individuals to participate both digitally via Zoom and in person. Following the presentation, Prof. Jurak was available for questions.

The next morning, various groups at IfSS deepened their exchange by presenting their own projects. In addition to discussing topics, ideas and opportunities for collaboration were also explored. We look forward to welcoming Professor Jurak again in the future and further exploring cooperation.



MO|RE data at the NFDITalk

On Monday Dr. Katja Klemm presented at the NFDITalk format with the topic: "Development of an RDM strategy - the example of sports science".

Watch it on Youtube: NFDITalk (15 April 2024)

Or use the link: NFDITalk (15 April 2024): Development of an RDM strategy - the example of sports science (



Reading recommendation from MO|RE data

The team behind MO|RE data has published an article in the journal "Bausteine Forschungsdatenmanagementon the topic of repositories in sports science. The article discusses the establishment and future of MO|RE data and the requirements for a secure research data center.

To read the full article, simply click here: "Development and Introduction of a Disciplinary Data Repository for Sport Scientists Based on the Example MO|RE Data".

Or via the link:



FitBack to support physical literacy of kids - Colloquium at the IfSS and via Zoom

On Thursday, the 25th of April from 15:45 - 17-15, Prof. Grogor Jurak from the University of Ljubljana will present the FitBack project.

In this special colloquium, importance of different kinds of information on physical fitness of kids will be discussed in the context of their physical literacy journey. Moreover, an open, transnational digital toolkit for teachers and coaches supported by multilanguage FitBack platform, to deliver relevant information about developing physical literacy with the help of fitness monitoring, will be explored.

If you would like to participate, you are welcome to join us at the IfSS in SR 103 or online via Zoom.

Meeting-ID: 615 4965 8559

Kenncode: kSW%h35#






The Winter Special MO|RE continues

Our Winter Special is entering its second round and will be extended until April 8, 2024.

As a token of appreciation for your contribution to research, secure a reimbursement of 100€ for the complete upload of your sports motor dataset on MO|RE data. However, please note that the campaign may end prematurely if the funding limit is reached. All researchers and individuals with sports motor data are invited to participate, except for KIT employees.

All details and further information can be found on the homepage under Winter Special. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at more-data∂ Let's advance research together! We look forward to your valuable contributions.



RDA Meeting in Potsdam

On February 20th and 21st, the annual meeting of the Research Data Alliance Germany took place. Data experts gathered at the GeoForschungsZentrum at the Helmholtz Center in Potsdam, surrounded by impressive historic research buildings, to present various projects and discuss current topics in research data management and data science.

'Einsteinturm' on the 'Telegrafenberg'

Katja Klemm and Hannah Kron represented the IfSS with the poster titled 'Vom Repositorium zum Forschungsdatenzentrum – Wie Zugangswege zu sensiblen Daten in der Sportwissenschaft geschaffen werden können', translated 'From Repository to Research Data Center – How Access Paths to Sensitive Data in Sports Science Can Be Established', showcasing the projects MO|RE data and FDZ MoL.

Additionally, there were many other interesting poster presentations and contributions that provided valuable information for the various projects at IfSS through personal exchanges with other conference participants.

We express our gratitude to RDA Deutschland e.V., which, in cooperation with the Helmholz Open Science Office and the Georg-August-University Göttingen, organized this conference.

Conference hashtag: #RDAde2024



First meeting with the Scientific Advisory Board in 2024

On Thursday, the first meeting of this year with the Scientific Advisory Board took place, albeit only virtually.

Among other changes in the MO|RE data project, we also have modifications with the Scientific Advisory Board. We are pleased to welcome new faces to the round, in addition to the existing board members. Furthermore, we unfortunately have to bid farewell to Frederik Borkenhagen and express our gratitude for his dedication.

We appreciate the time and participation of everyone involved and look forward with anticipation to a good and productive collaboration!



MO|RE data continues its journey: Towards new data horizons in 2024!

Under the motto "New Year - New Paths" starting from January 2024, we are taking a significant step into the future in collaboration with KonsortSWD. Transforming into an advanced Research Data Center for Motor Performance (RDC MoP).

The RDC MoP provides researchers in sports science and related disciplines with the opportunity to archive their motor performance data, adhering to the highest data protection standards. This allows for various secure ways to make the data accessible for scientific purposes. Additionally, it offers the chance to access data from other researchers in a secure environment.

A groundbreaking solution to ensure secure and effective access to research data.

Join us on this exciting journey!



Winter Special MO|RE data

We are pleased to present our exclusive winter special. As a thank you for your contribution to open science, we are offering an attractive compensation of 100€ for the complete upload of your datasets of motor performance to MO|RE data. Participation is possible until the end of February, but the special could end prematurely if the funding amount is exhausted. All researchers and persons with datasets of motor performance are invited to participate, with the exception of KIT employees.

All details and further information can be found on the homepage under Winter Special. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at more-data∂ Let's advance research together! We look forward to your valuable contributions.


Relaunch of the German Motor Test

We are pleased to present the relaunch of the German Motor Test - now even more child-friendly and informative!

The German Motor Test measures the physical fitness of children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 18 with the help of eight simple tasks. It thus helps to identify deficits in good time and to initiate targeted support measures.

With a child-friendly presentation, a new homepage and an appealing image film, a new version of this important tool for measuring motor performance has been designed.

The equally brand new image film highlights the importance of motor development and the benefits of the German Motor Test. The film conveys not only the commitment to promoting children's motor skills, but also the passion behind this project.

We invite you to visit the updated homepage at There you will not only find detailed information about the test and its scientific background, but also help for future test administrators to support them in the implementation in the best possible way.



Team event MO|RE data's

Recently the team event MO|RE data's took place.

In close cooperation with our colleagues from the service team, Ifss and mb mediasports, we met in a small setting to personally share recent events. On the one hand, it was a great opportunity to celebrate the successful relaunch of MO|RE datas. On the other hand, it provided a suitable setting to look ahead to future projects.

In summary, it was a successful get-together of the team!


MO|RE data now available in re3data directory!

Mo|Re data can henceforth be found in the directory of re3data. Re3data stands for a comprehensive directory of research data repositories that supports researchers in finding suitable repositories for their data. We are happy to be part of re3data!

Advance notice: Presentation of MO|RE data 2.0 on 15.06.2023

On the occasion of the relaunch of MO|RE data 2.0, a presentation of the repository via Zoom will take place on 15.06.2023 at 16:00. In this context, functions and processes of the new repository will be addressed and supplemented by a live insight into MO|RE data 2.0. All interested persons inside and outside of sports science, persons with own motor data or persons who want to reuse or research external data are cordially invited! 

You can access the meeting at the following link:

Meeting ID: 659 1724 9705

ID code: 380547


Advance notice Q&A on the use of MO|RE data 2.0

Vorankündigung Q&A zur Nutzung von MO|RE data 2.0

For all users of the repository who already publish their own data or reuse and research external data, Q&As on the use of MO|RE data 2.0 will be held on 19.06.2023 from 09:00-10:00, on 17.07.2023  from 13:00 to 14:00 and on 21.08.2023 from 17:00 to 18:00. The dates will each provide an opportunity to ask questions about how the MO|RE data 2.0 repository works. 

You can access the meeting at the following link:

Meeting-ID: 648 4400 9407

ID code: 686535


May 12, 2023 

Relaunch of MO|RE data 2.0 

We are pleased to announce today's relaunch of the new MO|RE data 2.0 repository!

Effective immediately, the motor data repository can be accessed at MO|RE data 2.0 is prepared in a user-friendly way and offers you new functions. Among other things, you can expect a new streamlined design, a new search methodology via icons, an automated mapping of more than 20 test variables, an automated quality check, a simplified submission and publication of raw as well as aggregated datasets including associated metadata, a revised user manual, FAQs, new video tutorials and much more!

March 20, 2023

Kick-off meeting of the dvs ad-hoc committee ''Research data management"

Recently, the kick-off meeting of the ad-hoc committee "Research Data Management" of the dvs (German Association for Sport Science) took place in Frankfurt on the Main. The committee was decided by the dvs in October 2022. The goal of the committee is to define the specific requirements and needs of sports science for sustainable research data management. Possibilities for the integration, development and funding of a needs-specific research data infrastructure are to be worked out. This will build on existing solutions in the sports science community. 

The focus of the kick-off meeting was on defining future work priorities and the first work steps. In the coming months, the main focus will be to take stock of already applied practices and application perspectives of sustainable research data management within different sport science sub-disciplines. 

The MO|RE data team is looking forward to contributing its expertise and experience from the establishment and operation of MO|RE data's repository, is excited about the work in the committee and what developments on research data management in sports science will be achieved through it.

November 03, 2022

MO|RE data workshop on the occasion of the relaunch

On the occasion of the relaunch of MO|RE data a workshop for 22 interested participants could be offered on 03/11/22. One central aspect was the presentation of the first live version. In this context, questions regarding research management could be exchanged and discussed. Furthermore, access to the repository with many new functions could be promised for 2023.


October 04 - 05, 2022

Workshop at the 2nd International Congress of Sport Science and Technology

During the second International Congress of Sport Science and Technology in Cairo, Dr. Lars Schlenker and Dr. Katja Klemm had the opportunity to present the projects MO|RE data and Fitness Barometer to an international audience of experts. The workshop was titled "Fitness Diagnostics: Physical Fitness Tests for Everyone at Every Age."


September 07 - 09, 2022

Lecture at the annual conference of the dvs-section Sportmotorik

During the annual conference of the dvs-section Sportmotorik (07.-09.09.) at the Institute for Sport and Sport Science of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Hannah Kron had the opportunity to present the project MO|RE data to an expert audience and potential users.



September 27, 2022 

Lecture in the context of the AGSB Annual Meeting

Under the title "Digital Communication in Sports Science", Hannah Kron presented the MO|RE data project as a best practice example for a sports motor research data repository at the 42nd AGSB Annual Meeting of the German Association for Sports Science (dvs) in Heidelberg.

The presentation was followed by an enriching discussion with the participants of the conference. 

Thank you for the many suggestions we could take away for ourselves!

Frederik Borkenhagen (Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of MO|RE data) presented a small "Heidelberger Thank You" at the end as the organizer of the conference.




September 06, 2022

Key Player Workshop and meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board

The MO|RE data team had the pleasure to host a Key Player Workshop on Tuesday, September 06, where all information about the relaunch of the platform was shared and research data management in sports science could be discussed. The day started with another meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board, where important and interesting topics were exchanged. We were very happy about every single visitor/interested person and would like to use this opportunity to draw attention to the international workshop on November 3. 



September 06, 2022

Invitation to the international introduction of MO|RE data (via Zoom)
Information | Network | Exchange

Due to the relaunch of MO|RE data we would like to inform you and discuss with you about MO|RE data and research data management (RDM) in sport science.

Time: 3rd of November 2022 5-7pm (CET +1)
Place: Zoom
Costs: this workshop is for free
Conent: Information on the relaunch of MO|RE data, exchange to RDM in sport science, future cooperation
Registration: via Google forms: until 31st of October

We are looking forward to see you online in November!

Klaus Bös, Katja Klemm, Claudia Niessner & Team 



March 17, 2022

Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board

In a two-hour digital meeting, the advisory board was informed about the current activities of the project. In addition, the future of MO|RE data was discussed together.
A small preview of the next meeting: Possibly, this can take place in presence, after purely digital meetings so far.



January 07, 2022

Foundation of the Scientific Advisory Board

In the fall of 2021, the MO|RE data project team received a valuable addition in the form of the Scientific Advisory Board. It consists of seven experts from the field of sports science and open science. More information about the scientific advisory board can be found here.



October 14, 2021

Presentation at the 1st International Congress of Sport Science & Technology in Cairo

At the first international congress for sports science and technology in Cairo, a large part of the MO|RE data team was represented. In addition to a numerous amount of interesting presentations on sports science, we also had the opportunity to present our project to an international audience.



October 08, 2021

1st Advisory Board Meeting

The main goal of the current project phase is to expand quality assurance. In achieving this goal, the project team is now supported by a scientific advisory board.

The members of the advisory board are Dirk Büsch, Urs Granacher, Julia Winter, Tanja Blaschek, Frederik Borkenhagen, Roland Bertelmann and York Sure-Vetter.

Already during the first advisory board meeting, the high level of expertise of the advisory board, which results from the combination of members from the fields of research data management and sports science, became apparent.

After the project team presented a brief overview of the processes which are currently running, the first encouraging discussions with new suggestions and ideas developed.



July 15, 2021

First presence meeting of the project team

On Thursday, July 15th, 2021, the MO|RE data project team was able to meet in presence after a long time. In a pleasant atmosphere in the Heimspiel at the sports institute, many got to know each other for the first time and a lively exchange about the project took place.



April 16, 2021

Publication of the KOMET brochure

The Competence Center for Motor Tests (KOMET) published its brochure on April 16, 2021, in which 29 test methods within motor skills research that were developed in Karlsruhe are presented. In addition to the description of the test procedures using a catalog of criteria and an introduction to KOMET, a connection is also established between the test items of the test batteries and the test database MO|RE data.

KOMET brochure


April 13, 2021

Presentation at the House of Science Braunschweig

At the so-called "Digital Tuesday" from the House of Science Braunschweig, the MO | RE data project was presented in the context of Open Data. The lecture by the two project team members Dr. Claudia Niessner and Tanja Eberhardt can be found here.



January 22, 2021

Virtual Kick-Off Meeting

After the DFG approved the follow-up proposal for the optimisation and further development of MO|RE data, a virtual kick-off meeting of the entire project team took place on 22 January 2021 to mark the start of the second project phase.


January 01, 2021

Start of the second project period

The DFG has approved the follow-up proposal for the optimisation and further development of MO|RE data. The second project phase will start on 01.01.2021.



October 08, 2020

Receiving the Open Data Impact Award

MO|REdata was awarded 3rd place in the "Open Data Impact Award", which was launched in 2020. The corresponding image film can be viewed here.



November 16, 2016

Manual for research data management

Members of the DFG MO|RE data have published a manual on researchdata management in sports science. Topics are questions like: Which research data is generated in sports science? How should research data be archived? How can research data be made citable?

The handbook can be downloaded here for free.



May 04, 2016

Forum for Information and Discussion: The First MO|RE data Expert Workshop

On May 4, 2016, the first MO|RE data expert workshop took place at KIT. After the welcome and a short introduction by Prof. Alexander Woll, Head of the Institute for Sport and Sport Science (IfSS) at KIT, Christoph Bruch from the Helmholtz Open Science Coordination Office in Potsdam gave a guest lecture on "Open Data: Copyright and Licenses".  The MO|RE data project team then provided information on the current development status of MO|RE data and the outlook for the project, and explained how to register for MO|RE and manage your data now. The presentations of the project team can be found here, here and here. In the afternoon, the approximately 25 participants from the sports science community and the field of research data services discussed the advantages and disadvantages of open access, the possibilities of quality assessment of sports science research data, and problems in copyright and licensing issues of research data.



Here you can find the report of the expert meeting.

Here you can access the poster on "Quality Criteria" and the poster on "Licenses and Copyrights". You can also access the corresponding transcripts of the posters (M. Qualität./ M.Lizenen und U.).


May 5, 2016

The first MO|RE data expert workshop

On May 4, 2016, the first MO|RE data Expert Workshop was held at KIT and was presented by various speakers. The program can be found here.


March 22 - 23, 2016

Presentation at the conference of the state sports federations

On March 22 and 23, 2016, the conference of competitive sports speakers of the state sports federations took place in Kienbaum. Claudia Albrecht presented the project MO|RE data.

Here you can find the corresponding presentation.


November 12 - 20, 2015

Presentation of MO|RE data at the MoBAK expert workshop

Claudia Albrecht presented the MO|RE data project at the MoBak expert workshop.

The presentation can be found here here.


September 30 - October 02, 2015

Presentation of MO|RE data at the dvs-Hochschultag

Lars Schlenker presented MO|RE data at the 22nd dvs-Hochschultag in Mainz.


September 23 - 24, 2015

Presentation of MO|RE data at the AGSB conference

From September 23 to 24, 2015, the 36th annual conference of the AGSB (Arbeitsgemeinschaft sportwissenschaftlicher Bibliotheken) took place in Tübingen.

Our colleague Maike Abel presented the current status of the MO|RE data project.

The corresponding presentation can be found here.


July 06, 2015

Terms of Use

The first draft of the terms of use is now online. Link


Decemer 01, 2014

MO|RE data presentation in the FOSS newsletter:

Albrecht, C., Schlenker, L., Woll, A., & Bös, K. (2014). eResearch Infrastruktur für sportwissenschaftliche Motorikforschungsdaten. Motor research data (MO|RE data).

Foss Newsletter, 32, 5.


November 20 - 22, 2014

Presentation MO|RE data at the dvs conference, Health

From 20 to 22 November 2014, the 17th annual meeting of the dvs Commission on Health took place in Erlangen 17th annual meeting of the Health Commission of the Association for Sports Science (dvs)

Our employees Lars Schlenker and Claudia Albrecht presented the MO|RE data project.

Link to poster


September 11 - 12, 2014

Presentation MO|RE data at the dvs conference, sports informatics

From 11 - 12 September 2014 the 10th Symposium of the Sports Informatics Section of the German Association for Sports Science (dvs) took place in Vienna at the Center for Sports Science and University Sports of the University of Vienna.

Our colleagues Michale Butzke and Claudia Albrecht presented the project MO|RE data.

Here you can find the concept poster of MO|RE data in German and English.


September 03 - 04, 2014

AGSB Conference in Heidelberg

On September 3-4, 2014, the conference of the Association of Sports Science Libraries (AGSB) took place in Heidelberg. Our colleagues Lars Schlenker Nadin Weiß and Claudia Albrecht attended the conference and presented MO|RE data for the first time.


July 24, 2014

Successful Kick-Off Meeting MO|RE data at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

On July 24, 2014, the kick-off meeting of the MO|RE data project took place at KIT. PPT as PDF.


  • Prof. Dr.Alexander Woll (IfSS)

  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Bös (IfSS)

  • Claudia Albrecht (IfSS)

  • Lars Schlenker (IfSS)

  • Frank Scholze (Bib)

  • Regine Tobias (Bib)

  • Nadin Weiß (Bib)

  • Michael Butzke (mb-mediasports)

  • Henry Böhlert (mb-mediasports)

  • Dr. Ralf Schneider (Codigt)

  • Mac Kobus (Codigt)

  • Dr. Arnhilt Kuder (Codigt)

  • Frederik Borkenhagen (AGSB)