Medicine Ball Push (MED)

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1. Test objectives

Determines the explosive strength of the upper extremities.

2. Description of the task

The object of the medicine ball push is to throw a 1 kg medicine ball forward as far as possible in a linear fashion. The ball must be held in front of the chest with bent arms and pushed from a standing position.

3. Test materiala

 3.1 Space requirements: approx. 15 m x 5 m
 3.2 Time and personal requirements: 1 test leader can test 1 test person within 2 minutes
 3.3 Equipment and material: meter, medicine balls (1 kg), tape, cones


4. Test setup

A free space of about 15 m x 5 m is required in which no objects or persons are present during the test. A drop line is taped to the floor or marked with cones.

5. Measurement recording

The shock distance is measured in meters and centimeters with a maximum deviation of 1 cm.

Standard values
Numerous studies are available with information on mean values and standard deviations (see Beck & Bös, 1995).

6. Test instruction

The objective of this test is to throw a 1 kg medicine ball as far forward as possible. When throwing, you must make sure that you hold the ball in front of your chest with your arms bent, that you always keep both feet on the ground and that you do not step over the line.

7. Sepcial notes

In medicine ball throwing, there are partly different variants regarding the weight of the ball. The weight varies in part between 1 kg, 2 kg and 3 kg. This leads to different test results.

Sources of error
Using medicine balls with a different weight leads to different test results and therefore cannot be compared with the standard values.

8. Sources

Beck, J. & Bös, K. (1995). Normwerte motorischer Leistungsfähigkeit: Köln: Strauss.

Bös, K. & Wohlmann, R. (1987). Allgemeiner Sportmotorischer Test (AST 6-11) zur Diagnose der konditionellen und koordinativen Leistungsfähigkeit. Lehrhilfen für den Sportunterricht, 36 (10), 145–160.


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