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1. Test objective

Recording of the body weight in kilograms.

2. Description of the task

The test person stands on the scale without shoes and heavy clothing. It is pointed out that one must not hold on, lean against or touch anything. The result is read when the display no longer changes.

3. Test materials

 3.1 Raumbedarf: 1 m2
 3.2 Time and person requirements: 1 test leader can test 1 test subject within 1 minute
 3.3 Equipment and material: a body scale with an accuracy of 0.1 kg


4. Test setup

The body scale is set up in a non-slip manner on a free and level place so that the test subjects cannot hold on to anything.

5. Measurement recording

The test person stands quietly on the scale without holding on. When the value no longer changes, it is read to the nearest 0.1 kg and entered on the recording sheet.

6. Test instruction

Here we measure your body weight. Please take off your shoes. Also take off your heavier clothes (jeans, sweater) and stand on the scale. Do not hold on to anything and stand still. I will tell you when you can come down again.

7. Special notes

Before the measurement, shoes should be taken off and also heavy clothes such as jackets, sweaters and jeans.

Sources of error
The test person does not stand still.
The test person is still wearing heavy clothing.

8. Sources



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