Triple - DHM Trampoline 2011

  • Datum: 4.4.2011

This year's German University Championships in trampoline gymnastics took place on February 5 in Braunschweig. In the three disciplines individual, synchronous and team competition the title of the German University Champion was awarded. The trampolinists from Karlsruhe were represented at the competition by nine athletes and four alumni.
The competition in the men's and women's individual competitions was strong, as it was in 2010. Nevertheless, Holger Nieder was able to enter the men's final in 8th place after a good preliminary competition and was able to maintain his position.
In the synchronized competitions, the Karlsruhe jumpers were able to surpass last year's successes. In the men's competition Manuel Schweigert and Holger Nieder prevailed against the partly superior competition with great nerve strength in a competition that was exciting until the end and won the gold medal with three very good exercises and thus the title "German University Champion in Trampoline Synchronized Gymnastics". It is also remarkable that Manuel Schweigert gained his trampoline experience exclusively at the University of Karlsruhe and that the good organization of the training paid off especially.
Hendrik Franke and Andreas Gruber reached the final in 8th place in the synchronized competition, they were not able to improve in the final due to an aborted exercise.
In addition to the DHM ranking of all trampolinists, those jumpers, synchronized pairs and teams are honored in all disciplines that consist exclusively of university jumpers who are not active in the club or have not been for several years. In this internal ranking, the Karlsruhe team was able to secure two runner-up titles in the synchronized competition: Andreas Gruber and Hendrik Franke in the men's competition and Franziska Kraus with her sister Kirsten Kraus (Uni Stuttgart) in the women's competition.