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Questions about university sports


The notices are usually posted on the info board in the foyer of the Institute of Sport (building 40.40), on the 1st floor of the New Hall (building 40.44) and in Hall 3 (building 30.81). Up-to-date information, program changes, and notices of special events can be found under News and on the Institute of Sport and Sport Science homepage. All information can also be found on the Instagram account of the HSP.

Students and employees of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the cooperation partners are eligible to participate (see Conditions of Participation - Eligibility).

Foreign students can also participate in our course offerings. Our course instructors do their best to facilitate communication in English.

The explicit conditions of participation of the HSP can be found here: https: //www.ifss.kit.edu/hochschulsport/Teilnahmebedingungen.php

Base contribution

Yes, directly after booking you will receive a booking confirmation by mail. After that you are authorized to book courses.

If no course booking/participation was possible, the basic fee will be refunded (even at the end of the semester). To do this, send an email to hochschulsport∂ifss.kit.edu with a request for a refund. You will receive a refund form afterwards.

To do so, send an email to hochschulsport∂ifss.kit.edu with a request to cancel the base fee. Just include the course number of the course you want to cancel and your first and last name in the mail.

No. A separate base fee must be booked for each semester. If you did not get into a class in a semester, you can request it back by emailing hochschulsport∂ifss.kit.edu for a refund.

Course registration / booking

No, participation is only possible after prior registration.

At the start of booking, the courses are activated in stages and can thus be booked. The registration time varies depending on the type of sport. In the course description of each course you will find the respective time at which the course will be activated for booking. Please inform yourself in time.

Yes, you can enroll in multiple courses. The semester base fee must still only be booked once. You can book 5 university sports courses in addition to the base fee.

A maximum of the basic contribution plus five sports courses can be booked within one semester. Of these, a maximum of three may be within the same discipline.

If you are enrolled, you can still register for sports courses of the Hochschulsport via the Restplatzvergabe. You can book any course that is not fully booked at a later point in the semester. The registration deadline is not a deadline, but the registration start date. Unfortunately, many courses are booked up quickly, which is why you then no longer have a free choice. Registration in walk-in is possible at any time.

The conditions for booking an advanced course can be found in the respective course description. In many cases, participation in a trial training is necessary. The passwords for advanced courses can be obtained from the department heads. You can also find the contact in the course description.

All course fees will be debited from the specified account via SEPA direct debit. For fee-based offers, an IBAN must therefore be provided and it must be confirmed that the SEPA direct debit procedure is agreed to.

No, you don't have to do anything else. The course fee will be automatically debited from your account about four weeks after the course starts.

The fee is collected or debited four weeks after the start of the course by SEPA direct debit. Courses can therefore be cancelled free of charge within the first four weeks. If you register during the semester, the fee will be debited at a fixed, later date.

The payment of the base fee as well as the course fees will be made exclusively via SEPA direct debit. Cash payment or bank transfer is not possible.

If a course is fully booked, you can enter your e-mail address on the waiting list and will be informed directly when a place becomes available.

The remaining places are always displayed on the homepage in the course search (remaining places). They are not specifically assigned or uploaded, but only the remaining available places in courses are listed.

Within the first four weeks after the official start of university sports in the respective semester (not the first day of the booked course), no cancellation fees will be charged and 100% of the fees will be refunded. Course cancellations must be initiated in writing by email to hochschulsport does-not-exist.ifss kit edu. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after this date. The base fee will only be refunded if no course registration was possible. Cancellations are not automatic . This also requires an email to hochschulsport∂ifss.kit.edu.

Sports offer

Most questions can be answered by carefully reading the information in the course description of the respective discipline. For sport-specific questions, you can contact the department heads of the discipline directly by e-mail. The contacts can be found in the course program under the respective sport .

You can find the location of each course in the details of the course description. In addition, we have prepared an overview of all our sports facilities in our location finder. All sports facilities are provided with a link to the location. You can easily find your course location via Google navigation.

We do not offer trial training, as unregistered participation in the HSP courses is not permitted. Nevertheless, the sports courses can be tested within the first four course weeks. During this period, a fee-free refund is possible in case of cancellation. For reimbursement please write a cancellation mail to the following mail address: hochschulsport∂ifss.kit.edu.

If you are passionate about a sport that we don't offer yet and you can imagine being responsible for it in university sports, send us an email to sportreferat∂ifss.kit.edu and we will make an appointment.

The same applies to taking over the leadership of an existing sport. Send us an email and we will connect you with the appropriate department head.

  1. Accident report must be filled out legibly and signed by the training supervisor and handed in promptly. This can be found either at the janitors (glass box, building 40.40) or digitally on our homepage: https://www.ifss.kit.edu/hochschulsport/downloads.php
  2. You can hand in the accident report to the janitors, send it by e-mail to Beate Sewerin(beate.sewerin∂kit.edu), put it in one of the mailboxes in front of building 40.44 or on the first floor of building 40.44, or put it in the mailbox in front of the janitor's room in building 40.40.
  3. Inform the doctor (accident physician/see homepage of the accident insurance) that it happened in the context of university sports. The responsible insurance company is UKBW (Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg).
  4. If you have any questions, please contact Beate Sewerin: By mail(beate.sewerin∂kit.edu) or phone (+49721 608-43233).

In case of sports accidents, specific insurance coverage is provided for all eligible participants. Further information can be found under Conditions of Participation.

From the university sports there is still the possibility to place an ad in the Sportpartner:innenbörse to find people who want to do sports together. There is also the KIT SC, the sports club of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, with offers in competitive sports, popular sports and health promotion.

The indoor swimming pool is available to all students and employees of KIT and the cooperating institutions at the specified times and for the specified usage fee. For public swimming, the fee is 2€ for students and 2.50€ for employees. To participate in public swimming, an online booking of the desired time slot is required. Here is all the info.

For general questions, please contact our swimming supervisors(0721 608 - 42553) or the university sports secretariat(0721 608 - 43233). We expressly point out that you must observe the bathing and usage regulations!

In the summer semester, our outdoor courts at the IfSS can be booked for free play. For the winter semester it is possible to book indoor courts of our cooperation partner MTV (Männerturnverein Karlsruhe 1881 e.V.) via our booking system. Current conditions and information about the respective period and booking can be found at the sports offer - tennis court rental.


Certificates of attendance will be issued by the respective course instructor and confirmed in the University Sports Office (Building 40.44, Room 108).

As soon as you are in possession of your KIT card and have received your matriculation number, you can register at the university sports and/or walk-in and book courses. Remember that you must have a German IBAN for booking.

No. There is no base fee to pay for the Uniliga.

No, this is not possible without registration. Also our outdoor facilities (stadium including tartan track, tennis courts, streetball and calisthenic park) can only be used after registration or court booking via our homepage or the university sports office.

Aside from the walk-in, sports facilities are available on weekends with appropriate, early request via email to sportstaetten∂ifss.kit.edu are only available for KIT university sports groups (tournaments, courses, etc.).

In principle, the sports facility schedule of the previous semester applies until the start of the new lecture period. For changes or additional times, please contact the sports department in writing.

Questions about the walk-in


Yes, definitely. Check out our job postings. We are actually always looking for dedicated exercise instructors. Or get in touch directly with our walk-in staff contact Sebastian Hartmann.

Booking / Payment

A membership not only offers me unlimited use of the walk-in including the mandatory initial diagnostics and trainer lesson at the beginning of the membership, but also unlimited participation in the range of courses, as well as use of the swimming pool and calisthenics park during the respective opening hours. When booking courses, swimming pool and calisthenics times, the only thing to note is that the status 'walk-in member' must be indicated when booking. Accordingly, the walk-in card must be shown at the course check.

No, no base fee needs to be booked for the walk-in gym.

No, no base fee needs to be booked for the walk-in courses either.

Via EC card at the launch date.

The semester ticket for Basic and/or Special courses is booked and billed via the University Sports booking system. Payment via SEPA direct debit.


This is not possible with us. However, you can look at the walk-in in person at any time and get advice from our team.

The entrance diagnostics is obligatory for every new member and a training start is only possible with this appointment. At the entry diagnostics appointment, various fitness-specific tests are performed and information about training operations is given.

Non-members also have the opportunity to have an initial diagnostic (BIA) performed for a fee. Please contact Sebastian Hartmann if you have any questions.

Please take note of our dress code. This includes the following points:

  • Do not train in a muscle shirt!
  • Do not train barefoot / in socks!
  • Do not train in street shoes!
  • Use sports shoes!
  • Use a towel as a support!

Also, please take care of your fellow trainers and respect our trainer:inside team. Thank you :)

Absolutely. Good exercise execution is especially important to us. Our staff is trained and can provide execution and training tips for each piece of equipment.

Course offer

There is a Basic and a Special card. The cards can be booked at any time, i.e. also during the semester. Depending on the time in the semester, the semester card is discounted. The Special card also entitles the holder to attend the Fitness-Basic courses.

As soon as you have a Basic or Special card or a walk-in membership, you can book the desired courses flexibly via the booking system. Please bring the corresponding certificates to the course.

All courses are included in the walk-in membership. Before taking part in a course, however, you must register for the respective course via the booking system on the homepage.

Yes, please sign out again if you cannot attend the course. This way you give a person on the waiting list the opportunity to participate in the sports course. You can deregister directly with Sebastian Hartmann, stating your name, matriculation number and the respective course offer.

In principle, a selection of Basic and Special courses are offered each semester. Depending on the availability of instructors, the offer may vary from semester to semester.