Titelfoto EUC Rudern
Three medals for university rowers at EUC Rowing 2023

A fifteen-member delegation of KIT University Rowing traveled to Bydgoszcz, Poland, from September 06-11, 2023, to participate in this year's EUC in rowing. Among 81 participating universities from 20 European countries, the team reached the 17th place in the overall ranking, which was crowned with three medals.

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Preview DHM Rennrad
KIT as the best team at the DHM Road Bike

On 10.09., this year's DHM racing bike took place as part of the national league race "Rund um Sebnitz". At over 30°C and heated asphalt, laps had to be mastered on a selective 6.5 km course with 100 meters of altitude. In the end, the WG Karlsruhe won the award as best team in the university ranking.

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Preview EUCs 2023
HSP competitive sports at EUCs in September in two sports

The WG Karlsruhe is represented in September in the sports rowing and beach handball at the European Universities Championships in Poland and Spain. We wish all athletes a great time and great competitions! All information and preliminary reports can be found in the article.

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Preview DHM Basketball 3x3
3rd place at DHM 3x3 Basketball in Tübingen

On the weekend of July 15/16, the 3x3 Basketball DHM took place in Tübingen. With great weather and a very well organized event at the Sports Institute in Tübingen, we were able to secure third place in a highly competitive field of participants and thus conclude the weekend successfully.

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Preview DHM Schwimmen
Swimming team successful at DHM in Schwäbisch Gmünd

From June 23rd to 25th the DHM in swimming took place in Schwäbisch Gmünd. The swimming team of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology participated with great anticipation and ambition, could come up with impressive performances and take various podium places.

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Titelfoto WUG Rudern 2023Arndt Falter
Helena Brenke wins bronze medal with the mixed double sculls at the FISU World University Games

Helena Brenke, student at KIT, also competed with the German student rowing team at the FISU World University Games in Chengdu, China, and tells here about her experiences around the FISU Games 2023 and winning the bronze medal.

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Titelfoto WUG Tischtennis 2023André Goerschel
Table tennis player Kathrin Hessenthaler at the FISU World University Games in China

Kathrin Hessenthaler, student at KIT, competed with the German student table tennis team at the FISU World University Games in Chengdu, China, and was able to compete on an international stage with athletes from all over the world. Here she tells about her experiences around the FISU Games 2023.

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Titelfoto EUC Basketball 2023
Karlsruhe basketball giants with 8th place at EUC

On July 23, a delegation headed to the EUC Basketball 2023 in Aveiro (Portugal) to participate for KIT in this internationally renowned competition from July 23 to 30. Our basketball players reached the 8th place, which was at the same time an improvement on last year's 10th place at the EUG.

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Preview DHM Klettern
KIT climbing group shows strong performance in Erlangen

On July 22, the HSP climbing group headed to Erlangen to participate in the DHM Sport Climbing 2023. Under the difficult conditions of the midday heat, excellent placements were achieved in qualification and in the individual competition. You can find the results in the report.

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Titelfoto EUC Taekwondo 2023
Jessica Wolf with 5th place at EUC Taekwondo

From 19 to 24 July 2023 the EUC in Taekwondo took place in Zagreb. Jessica Wolf competed in the weight class -57kg and could secure the 5th place after exciting fights. The competition atmosphere and intercultural experiences made the tournament a great championship and bring motivation for future competitions.

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Preview DHM Golf
Golf team at DHM 2023 in Hohen Neuendorf

The DHM Golf took place this year from 13 to 17 July again in the Berlin area. The golf course was the Berlin Golf Club Stolper Heide. For the WG Karlsruhe 6 golfers were in action in the individual and team competitions. The team from Karlsruhe was satisfied with their performance and could take a lot with them.

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Titelfoto EUC Volleyball 2023
Karlsruhe university volleyball players reach 4th place at EUC

At the European Universities Championships 2023 in Braga, Portugal, the volleyball players of WG Karlsruhe achieved a great fourth place. First place went to the West University of Timisoara (Romania), second to the University of Rostock and third to the University of Würzburg. Jannick Brentel from KIT was the top scorer of the tournament with more than 100 points.

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Preview FISU WUG Chengdu 2023
KIT Students Helena Brenke and Kathrin Hessenthaler for Germany at World University Games in Chengdu/China

The Chengdu FISU World University Games will start on July 28. Among the 160 German top student athletes are also two female students of KIT, who are on their way to Chengdu to compete on the international stage with athletes from all over the world. We wish them both a great time!

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Preview DHM Rudern
Successful German University Rowing Championships in Cologne

With two gold and two silver medals it was not enough for the cup of the best university, but the result, especially the solid result in the oar boat classes, makes optimistic for the EUC in September and reflect the successful DHM weekend at the Fühlinger See in Cologne.

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Preview EUC Basketball
KIT Basketball Players Challenged in Aveiro, Portugal

On July 23, the KIT giants will set off for the European Universities Championships in basketball. After the participation at the EUGs last year in Lodz, Poland, the team hopes to play a good role again. We wish good luck and nice games!

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Preview EUC Taekwondo
Jessica Wolf wants to build on successes at EUC in Zagreb

After the 2nd place at the German championships of the active at the beginning of this year, Jessica also wants to assert herself at the international martial arts competition in Croatia. We wish the Taekwondo athlete all the best and great EUCs!

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Preview EUC Volleyball
Volleyball team starts first in EUC season 2023

The KIT volleyball players make the start and start with great anticipation at the European Universities Championships in Braga, Portugal. Very successful on a national level, the task now is to confirm this on an international stage. We keep our fingers crossed for the guys!

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Preview EUC 2023
HSP Competitive Sports of KIT at EUCs in July in Three Sports at the Start

This July, WG Karlsruhe will be represented in the sports of volleyball, taekwondo and basketball at the European Universities Championships at various locations in Europe. In September, the sports rowing and beach handball will follow. All information and preliminary reports can be found in the article.

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Preview DHM Basketball
KIT Basketball Players Miss Final Entry

The KIT basketball players just missed the final of the German University Championships in Würzburg. Despite a strong performance, they lost to TU Dresden in the semifinals and had to return home to the fan city without winning the title they had hoped for. All info in the report.

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Preview Fechten Wettkampf
Three times gold and once bronze at "Fencing at the Lake 2023

The student fencing tournament "Fencing at the Lake" took place this year from 23rd - 25th June in Constance at Lake Constance. The KIT fencing department was represented with a strong group of 11 fencers and won 3 gold medals and one bronze medal. All results can be found in the report.

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Preview DHM Fußball
KIT wins the DHM final round soccer men

On Sunday, 02.07.2023, the DHM final round of men's soccer took place in Munich. The games were played on the grounds of the Central University Sports Center on the TUM campus in the Olympic Park. After exciting games, the WG Karlsruhe won the tournament and qualified for the European Championship 2024 in Hungary.

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Preview DHM Ultimate
Ultimate Team at DHM 2023 from 16. to 18.06. in Kassel

The WG Karlsruhe was the largest team in Kassel and traveled with the highest motivation to play Ultimate and to get to know other teams. There was a good atmosphere at the competition and the weather was also wonderful. Those who were not playing actively cheered from the sideline.

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Preview DHM VB
WG Karlsruhe is German university champion in volleyball

The WG of the Karlsruhe Universities was able to secure the title at the DHM in indoor volleyball against a strong team of the University of Rostock with a 2:1 final victory on the weekend of June 24/25, 2023. An impressive performance, congratulations! The whole report in the link.

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Preview adh Rugby
Follow up report adh-Open Rugby 2023

In very hot weather, the adh-Open Rugby 2023 was held on 24.06.2023 in Karlsruhe. A tournament with good sportsmanship, as well as always fair play and great atmosphere among the teams. Won the men's WG Karlsruhe 1 and the women's WG Münster.

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Preview DHM Fußball
KIT also wins the DHM Intermediate Round Football Men 2023

On Sunday, June 18, 2023, the DHM intermediate round of men's soccer took place in Bochum. The KIT kickers played against the WG Oldenburg and the WG Bochum in the mode 'everyone against everyone'. After exciting games, the Karlsruhe team qualified for the final round on 01. and 02.07.2023.

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Preview DHM Handball
Karlsruhe handball players with 2nd place at DHM

On May 31, WG Karlsruhe, WG Freiburg, WG Heidelberg and WG Konstanz played at the DHM preliminary round handball for the qualification for the DHM final round. In exciting and close matches the Karlsruhe team finished the qualification round on the second place. All results can be found in the link.

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Preview DHM Badminton
Successful DHM Badminton 2023 in Cologne

This year, the KIT badminton team had the opportunity to compete against the best badminton players from German universities in the final four of the DHM Rückschagspiele 2023, where they competed against teams from Göttingen, Jena, and Cologne, as well as in the individual competition. All info about the DHM in the link.

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Preview adh Surfen
adh-Open surfing on the french atlantic coast

At the adh-Open surfing event on the French Atlantic coast, numerous surfers from German universities showed their skills on the relatively small waves. The team from KIT competed in the team ranking, which was changed at short notice, and impressed with wave rides and maneuvers. You can find the results in the link.

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Titelfoto DHM Bogenschießen
DHM Archery 2023 in Munich

On Saturday, 20.05.2023, the archers met for the DHM competition in Munich to win one of the coveted adh pins. A total of 50 participant:s delivered interesting duels at the DHM Archery 2023. You can find the results in the link below.

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Titelfoto DHM Tischtennis
DHM Table Tennis in Tübingen

After a long dry spell, the time had come again this year: from May 19 to 21, the DHM in table tennis took place in Tübingen. This was one of the sporting and social highlights in the table tennis calendar, with well over 100 players, including 11 from the WG Karlsruhe. In the top-class field of participants, exciting games were inevitable. All results in the report.

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Titelfoto DHM Basketball
DHM preliminary round basketball in Karlsruhe

At the preliminary round of the DHM Basketball, which took place at KIT on May 17, the Karlsruhe team won confidently against the teams from Cologne and Darmstadt and thus qualified for the fifth time in a row to travel to the DHM finals in Würzburg at the beginning of June.

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Titelfoto DHM Turnen
DHM apparatus gymnastics 2023 in Karlsruhe a complete success

On May 19-20, the German University Championships in apparatus gymnastics took place in Karlsruhe. In the men's competition, 16 teams from various universities were entered, and in the women's competition, 17 teams competed. Over two days the gymnasts delivered exciting competitions in an outstanding atmosphere. Read the whole report in the link.

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Preview DHM Triathlon
KIT with silver at the DHM Triathlon

On Sunday, May 14, the triathlon department of the university sports department went to the German University Championships in Griesheim with a large group of 12 students and staff. The program included a triathlon and the team relay, which consisted of three superprint triathlon races. You can find all results in the link.

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Preview DHM TurnenNACONA
Preliminary report DHM apparatus gymnastics 2023 in Karlsruhe

This year the DHM apparatus gymnastics will take place in Karlsruhe. 71 teams and 33 individual gymnasts will compete on May 19/20 in Karlsruhe. The competitions will start on Friday at 12 o'clock, on Saturday already at 8 o'clock, and the apparatus finals will also start on Saturday at 16.15 o'clock.

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Preview adh-Open Rugby
Preliminary report adh-Open Rugby 2023 in Karlsruhe

On Saturday, June 24, 2023, the Rugby adh Open will take place in Karlsruhe. After a long corona break of three years, the anticipation for the tournament in Karlsruhe is particularly high. So we can be excited about an exciting rugby tournament and look forward to experiencing the tournament atmosphere live in Karlsruhe!

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Preview DHM Fußball
KIT wins DHM preliminary round soccer men

On Tuesday, May 9, the DHM preliminary round of men's soccer took place in Karlsruhe. The five teams from Aachen, Tübingen, Heidelberg, Darmstadt and Karlsruhe played exciting duels. You can find the results in the link.

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Preview DHM Reiten
Report of the student riders to the CHU Karlsruhe

From 21. to 23.04. the season's end of Southern Germany took place in Karlsruhe. On the facility of the Reiterverein Durlach there was a lot going on at the university comparison tournament. All results and information about the CHU can be found in the link.

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Preview DHM Basketball
DHM preliminary round basketball on 17.05. in Karlsruhe

On Wednesday, 17.05.2023, the DHM Preliminary Round Basketball will take place in Hall 1 at the Institute for Sports and Sports Science (IfSS). The tournament will start at 12:00 p.m. and will be played in a 4-person tournament. Come by and cheer on the teams!

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Preview adh-Open Floorball
WG Karlsruhe wins home-adh-Open Floorball

On the weekend of 15 and 16.04.2023 the adh-Open Floorball KF took place in Karlsruhe. Eight teams from different cities in Germany participated to fight in exciting and partly hard, but always fair games, not only for the victory, but also to spend a great time together. Thanks for the great event! You can find the game reports in the link.

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Preview DHM Reiten
Student riding tournament from 21. to 23.04. at the Durlacher Reiterverein

From 21 to 23.04. the student riding tournament will take place at the facility of the Durlacher Reiterverein. The Karlsruhe student riders would like to invite you to stop by during the day to welcome you to the facility! You can find a schedule of the competitions in the link.

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Preview adh-Open
adh-Open Floorball 2023 on 15 & 16.04. in Karlsruhe

From April 15 to 16, the adh-Open Floorball will take place at KIT. Eight teams with a total of almost 100 players will fight for the title "Siegerteam adh-Open Floorball 2023". We wish all participating teams good luck! Feel free to drop by at the IfSS!

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Banner adh Ranking
WG Karlsruhe with good ranking at the adh competition ranking 2022

As every year, the adh compiles a competition and education ranking, which has now been published for the year 2022. In the competition area, the WG Karlsruhe was able to grab a top position in the category 'European Ranking', as well as doing well in the overall ranking competition with the 5th place. All further information and details can be found in the article.

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Vorschau DHM LA
Five Top-10 Placements for KIT Athletes at the DHM in Frankfurt

On Wednesday, February 8, 2023, seven KIT students made their way to Frankfurt for the German University Championships in Athletics. What results they could achieve, you can read in the report.

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