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WG Karlsruhe with 2nd place in adh competition ranking 2023

  • Datum: 13.03.2024
  • The Karlsruhe competition team achieved a fantastic 2nd place in the competition ranking published for 2023 and was able to significantly improve on last year's ranking (5th place). At national level, university sports teams not only organized many sporting competitions and diligently participated in a large number of DHMs, adh-Open or adh-Trophy, but also competed very successfully. In the respective categories of performance (2nd place), participants (3rd place) and organization (2nd place), the teams achieved top 3 placings.

    The WG Karlsruhe was also at the forefront at international level, with the WG Karlsruhe rowing team in particular excelling in the international rankings. At the European University Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland, the team reached the podium three times, 2x silver and 1x bronze.

    Here is an overview:

    National overall ranking

    1st WG Cologne

    2nd WG Karlsruhe

    3rd WG Munich

    4th WG Heidelberg

    International Ranking

    1st WG Cologne

    2nd WG Würzburg

    3. university of Rostock

    4th WG Karlsruhe

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