Conditions of Participation

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All students/trainees and employees of KIT and the cooperating institutions are entitled to participate in KIT's university sports program:

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) - students and employees

  • Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Karlsruhe (DHBW) -students only

  • Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA) - students only

  • Karlsruhe University of Music (HfM) - students only

  • Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG) - students only

  • Karlshochschule International University (KHS) - students only

  • Kunstakademie - State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe (SABAK) - students only

  • Research Center for Information Technology (FZI) - employees

  • National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik) - employees

  • The Karlsruhe University of Education (PH) is not a cooperation partner, but PH students are entitled to participate exclusively in the Uniliga, competitive sports and competitive events (DHM). Registration for this takes place via the online portal.

Proof of eligibility must be provided by the student's matriculation number. KIT employees must provide their work telephone number. This information will be checked by the University Sports Administration. Student/employee ID cards must always be carried and presented upon request to verify eligibility.

Irrespective of the course chosen, a one-off basic semester fee is charged. Depending on the course chosen, further course fees may apply. The fees are collected by direct debit from the participant's specified account four weeks after the start of the course. The payment status can be checked at any time via online registration.

In the event of returned direct debits, a processing fee of EUR 3 per booking will be charged, plus the processing fee of the credit institution that rejected the direct debit.

Registration is only possible online. Detailed information on the courses can be found on the website. Bookings result in an obligation to pay regardless of whether the courses are actually attended. By submitting the online registration, University Sports is authorized to collect the course fees by direct debit from the participant's account. By registering, eligible participants accept the conditions of participation and the data protection regulations of the HSP.

For access to our "walk-in" health center and the associated offers, interested parties should contact the "walk-in" directly.

For tournaments and competitions as well as special events, special booking and withdrawal conditions usually apply, which will be announced in each case.

By registering for a sports course, the participant accepts the data protection regulations of University Sports. Further information on the dataprotection regulations: (currently being revised in the legal department)

Rebooking is possible if there is no waiting list. To do so, the course management must contact the sports department by email. Course fees will not be refunded for rebookings, but the fee will be offset against the difference in fees. If you change to a more expensive course, the difference will be charged.

Withdrawal is generally possible. Withdrawal must be communicated by e-mail. The following cancellation conditions apply:

  • Within the first four weeks after the official start of university sports in the respective semester (not the first day of the booked course), there are no cancellation fees and 100% of the fees will be refunded. For registration for vacation courses after the lecture period, a cancellation period of 14 days from the start of the course applies.

  • There are no refunds for later withdrawals.

  • The basic fee is generally refunded if no course registration was possible. Cancellation is not automatic. This requires an e-mail to hochschulsport∂

The basic fees/participation fees paid will be transferred to an account to be specified by the person withdrawing. Cash payment is not possible. The university sports management may allow exceptions to this in special exceptional cases, which must be justified in writing (e.g. incapacity for sport, proven by a medical certificate).
In the event of repeated unexcused absences of individual participants, the respective course management may cancel the course. Cancellations do not automatically result in a refund of fees for participants. For this purpose, the participant must send an e-mail tohochschulsport∂ is necessary.

The respective duration of the courses is indicated on the university sports homepage. However, courses may be canceled if
  • the course day falls on a public holiday or during a lecture-free period (e.g. Christmas and summer closures),
  • there is force majeure,
  • German university championships or other major events require the respective hall time,
  • unavoidable disruptions to operations such as construction work, repairs or similar occur,
  • a course leader is unable to attend and the University Sports Administration is unable to find a qualified replacement at short notice,
  • offers in municipal or other sports facilities whose operating times are linked to the school vacations may have different running times.
In the case of outdoor courses, participants are not entitled to a refund if course dates are canceled due to adverse weather conditions. Participants are responsible for complying with passport and customs regulations for courses abroad.

University Sports can combine courses or cancel them completely if, for example, the minimum number of participants is not reached. Participants who have already paid the fee at the time of the cancellation or change can attend another course of their choice within the same fee group in the current program, subject to available places. It is also possible for the participants concerned to withdraw from booked courses if they do not take place. Course fees already paid will then be refunded; there is no further entitlement.

The sports halls may only be entered with clean, non-traffic sports shoes with abrasion-resistant soles. The sports shoes must be suitable for the type of sport. This rule applies to all sports courses in halls and on grass pitches. On tennis courts, shoes for clay courts (no protruding tread) are mandatory. Further regulations for sports clothing for special sports (e.g. sailing) may be issued; these will be brought to the attention of participants in a suitable form when they register.

Access to the sports facilities is only permitted to persons authorized to participate. The course management, janitor team and other university sports representatives are authorized and required to deny access to other persons.

The following information relates to the statutory accident insurance cover for duly registered university sports participants.

Statutory accident insurance cover applies to all official university sports events:
  • for all sports courses (with a trainer) in accordance with the semester program,
  • for internal and external special university sports events (e.g. courses, seminars, excursions, other official course units),
  • at internal and external competitive sports events (only applies to enrolled students!*), provided they are registered and organized through University Sports
  • as well as on the associated routes (including abroad, the choice of means of transportation is optional)
* Students who are already exmatriculated are no longer covered by accident insurance via the Studierendenwerk when participating in adh events (still possible 1 year after successful graduation), as they no longer belong to the respective university.
In this case, the adh does NOT have a separate regulation or the possibility of separate additional accident insurance for competitions.

Not insured:
  • - Participation in events at other universities (with the exception of cross-university, joint events of several universities such as competitive sports events and training courses)
  • - Sports activities on the university campus without organizational integration into the official university sports program or without an exercise leader contractually bound to university sports
  • - Participation in competitions without registration via university sports
  • - private interruptions of the routes to the place of the university sports activity or back home (e.g. shopping, regulars' table) as well as detours for private reasons

KIT employees are insured according to the principles of company sports. Accordingly, the sporting activity must be suitable for compensating for the physical strain caused by the job, take place with a certain regularity and be related to the company work in accordance with the compensatory purpose. Events of a competitive nature are excluded from this.
For civil servants, an accident in the context of their participation in university sports is not considered an occupational accident. Employees must observe the applicable regulations of their institution when reporting accidents.

Participants in independent sports groups without HSP coaches are not covered by accident insurance.

Participants in courses offered by other organizers, which are only arranged by University Sports, are responsible for their own insurance cover. It is therefore advisable to take out accident, health and, if necessary, travel cancellation and baggage insurance.

Accidents must be reported immediately to the relevant offices of the cooperation institutions and the HSP.

As a matter of principle, all participants and course leaders of university sports are recommended to take out private liability insurance to obtain insurance cover in the event that third parties suffer personal injury or property damage while practicing sports.

Liability for theft and damage to private property in the exercise facilities used by University Sports is excluded by the organizer. This applies even when using the valuables lockers in the foyer of the Sports Institute and the lockers in the changing rooms. All participants are advised not to bring any valuables with them.

University Sports is only liable if damage was caused intentionally or through gross negligence by an employee.

Participation in excursions and other group events is at your own risk. For all courses not organized by the University Sports Department itself, the University Sports Department only acts as an intermediary. Accordingly, University Sports accepts no liability for any damage, accidents, losses or delays on the part of the passenger and transportation companies involved. Travel to external courses in your own car is at your own risk. University Sports also accepts no liability for theft, damage or loss of luggage. Sports equipment is also taken along at your own risk. The respective organizers of the courses are named in the announcements.