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Combining Runners High and Helpers High systematically and interactively with community and environmental protection? This is exactly our idea behind the JUNKMILE project. In recent years, the sport of plogging, which involves jogging, hiking or walking while collecting garbage, has become very popular. So far, plogging has been characterized by unsystematic, spontaneous actionism without in-depth organization. Our aim with the university sports JUNKMILE project is to create an interactive platform that motivates plogging in various ways and structures and documents plogging.

To this end, we have set up a heat map here that documents JUNKMILE activities recorded via GPS. The older the run, the paler the color. So it's best to run where no one has been running recently to find as much garbage as possible!

If you are out and about a lot, you might make it onto one of the leaderboards.

You can also register a team and compete against other teams!



Heat map

This interactive map shows all JUNKMILE activities of the last 30 days. The older the run, the paler the color.

This map shows all JUNKMILE activities. The longer ago the activity took place, the paler the color becomes.

Have you completed more kilometers than anyone else in one of the sectors marked in green in the last 30 days and collected garbage in the process? Then you will become the JUNKMASTER of that sector. If you are JUNKMASTER in a particularly large number of sectors, you get a place on the podium!

Interaktive Karte


Amount of garbage collected


The top 10 people and teams who have accumulated the most kilometers in the last 30 days are listed in the leaderboards.



A Google form has been set up for uploading an activity, which can be accessed via the link on this page. Once all the details have been entered there, the activity will appear on the map with a delay of up to 2 days.

No, for the JUNKMILE project only activities with simultaneous waste collection are permitted. We trust in your honesty and will check the GPX files for anomalies in case of doubt.

The map is created manually every 1-2 days. It can therefore take up to 2 days for your run to appear on the map and for you or your team to appear on the leaderboard. If nothing has happened after 2 days, it may be because you need to clear your browser cache so that the map is completely reloaded.

To register a new team, please send an email to junkmileproject∂gmail.com stating the team name. The team name will then be checked and activated as quickly as possible. This process can take up to 3 days.

The JUNKMASTER is the person who has accumulated the most kilometers in a sector over the last 30 days. If you are JUNKMASTER in a particularly large number of sectors, you make it onto the podium of the JUNKMASTER ranking.

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