KIT team wins the DHM team ranking over 10km

  • Datum: 25.04.2013

KIT team wins the DHM team ranking over 10km

At this year's university championships in 10 km road running in Witten last Saturday, the KIT team was able to convince and won the title in the team ranking.
The KIT team at the DHM

Two days before the start of the DHM, Fabian Mayer, an athlete, had to cancel the event due to injury. Thus it was clear for the other athletes already before the run that nobody must have a hanger to perform successfully.

Fabian Lutz, Karsten Müller and Benjamin Thürer were confronted with a demanding course, which ran over 90 meters of altitude. Additionally strong wind made the run more difficult. Due to these difficult conditions, the field was selected very quickly and all three KIT runners were mostly on their own.

With three good individual performances of the boys, who belong to the LG Region Karlsruhe (Benjamin Thürer and Karsten Müller are athletes of KIT SC), and the resulting closed team performance, the overall victory could be celebrated with a total time of 1:42.52 hours ahead of RWTH Aachen.