WG Karlsruhe wins the tournament and qualifies for the finals

WG Karlsruhe wins the tournament and qualifies for the finals

On Wednesday, June 5, 2013, the teams of the competition communities from Heidelberg, Bayreuth, Regensburg and the host Karlsruhe met to play in the intermediate round of the Greater Region South to determine the finalist for the final round in Münster.
The KIT selection is getting ready for the match against WG Regensburg

The game was played in an "everyone against everyone - tournament mode" with a playing time of 2x 20 minutes.

The first game was played by the host team from Karlsruhe against WG Heidelberg. While the team from the fan city was still clearly beaten by the selection from Heidelberg in the preliminary round, the team from Karlsruhe, which was significantly strengthened in terms of personnel, turned the tables and won convincingly with 26:15. Especially in defense, the students from Karlsruhe showed an excellent performance around the outstanding keeper Sebastian Ullrich, which was to be confirmed in the further course of the tournament. Their second game was against the WG from Regensburg. With a furious start and a clear 9:2 lead after a few minutes, the Karlsruhe students let the reins slip a little, but in the end came to an unchallenged 31:23 victory over the team from Regensburg. Since the Bayreuth team had also won its games against Regensburg and Heidelberg, the starting position before the last game of the tournament was clear: the winner of the duel would travel to Münster.

As in the previous games of the tournament, the student team from Bayreuth proved to be a stubborn opponent with their physically robust style of play and the team from Karlsruhe needed a little time to get into the game. After a 2:4 deficit, the men from Karlsruhe got better and better into the game and led at halftime with 4 goals difference. In the second half the team from Karlsruhe increased particularly in the defense again a tooth and if nevertheless once a ball found the way to the Karlsruher gate, was called the final stop for the players from Bayreuth Sebastian "Ulle" Ullrich. With numerous saves, including both 7-meter attempts by the Bayreuth handball players, the keeper, who will guard the SG Leutershausen in the 2nd league in the coming season, showed a strong performance. Since with increasing playing time also the attack play of the Karlsruher became more effective, one came at the end to a clear 25:18 victory in the crucial play.
From 05.07-07.07. the student selection from Karlsruhe drives now to M?nster around the German university championships to participate. With the performance shown in the intermediate round, the team from Karlsruhe, despite certainly strong competition, does not need to hide in any case and travels as a worthy representative of the Karlsruhe universities to Münster.

For the WG Karlsruhe played:

Sebastian Ullrich, Sam Behrend (both goal),
Marco Kikillus (14), Michael Förster , Max Mitzel (11 each), Markus Baumann (10), Stephan Keibl( 9), Daniel Grimm, Christian Fritz, Tim Mandel (6 each), Christian Bikowski, Jascha Lehnkering (3 each), Frieder Krafft (2), Alexander Kugele (1)

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