DHM Fencing: Men's epee team takes second place

DHM Fencing: Men's epee team takes second place

On 01 and 02 June 2013 the German University Championship Fencing (Team) took place in Heidelberg.

KIT was represented by one team each in women's foil and men's sabre, two teams in men's epee and three teams in men's foil.

The teams were already successful on the first day of the competition. In the field of 25 teams, the team "WG Karlsruhe 1" in men's epee, consisting of Martin Hartmann, Christopher Stoerrle and Jaakob de Vries, fought their way to the final and only had to admit defeat to the team "WG Heidelberg 1" 38: 45. The second team of KIT, Alexey Mokin, Zhang Yaokun, Lorenz Schmidt and Robin Lauritzen, reached 11th place after being eliminated in the second knockout round against "TU Dresden 2" 38: 45.

In the men's sabre Andreas Frölich, Lorenzo Canova, Felix Ehrler and Maxence Harm reached the semi-finals and won third place after an exciting match.

The women's foil team unfortunately had to admit defeat early to the teams from Mainz and Freiburg, who later got first and third place.

In the evening, the fencing party took place, where barbecues, celebrations and socializing took place.

On the second day of competition, the team fencing in men's foil was on the agenda. Manuel Baptista, Jaakob de Vries, Vu Hoang and Andreas Frölich reached eighth place in the men's foil in a field of 29 teams, knocking out their university colleagues from the "WG Karlsruhe 3" team Philipp Weimann, Jens Keller, Kai Helms and Thomas Radosz early in the second knockout round. The "WG Karlsruhe 2", consisting of the epee fencers of "WG Karlsruhe 1" and Alexey Mokin, who had already competed the day before, finished in 25th place.

All in all, a very successful weekend for all fencers!

2nd place out of 26: Men's epee 1
3rd place out of 8: men's sabre
Place 8 of 29: Men's foil 1
Place 11 of 26: Men's epee 2
Place 15 of 15: Ladies foil
16th place from 29: Men's foil 3
Place 25 of 29: Men's foil 2