Hochschulsport Karlsruhe secures second place in adh competition ranking

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Hochschulsport Karlsruhe secures second place in adh competition ranking

For the second year in a row, Hochschulsport Karlsruhe took an outstanding second place in the adh competition ranking 2012. Only WG Cologne was able to outdo Karlsruhe, securing first place as in the previous year.
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The The umbrella organization of German university sports, adh, published the 2012 competition rankings. This ranking is made up of the sum of three sub-rankings. In addition to a ranking, the participation ranking, the sending of participants to competition participants to competition events, as well as the organizer ranking. are also included. Since 2006, the performance of students and their university have been evaluated. While up to 2008 in the participant as well as host ranking weighted rankings, i.e. in relation to the size of the university or the competition the size of the university or the competition community, now only the absolute absolute performance.

The overall winner of the competition ranking is, as in previous years, the WG Cologne, which has structures, it will be difficult for it to be displaced from the top position. from the top. The Karlsruhe University Sports Center with its competition community successfully defended its strong second place of the previous year. What is remarkable here is the fact that this position was secured in 2012 earned this place in 2012, above all through a considerable increase in the performance ranking. From 14th place in 2011 to an excellent fourth place. In the sub-ranking of the delegated participants, they even took first place. Only in the host sector did they lose ground, falling from first to sixth place. sixth place, which can be explained, among other things, by the infrastructural changes at the Institute for Sport and Sport Science. The new construction of the hall and the artificial turf pitch and the associated bottlenecks in terms of staffing and a lack of real estate and space resources, unfortunately did not allow for unfortunately not possible to hold several university championships. With a better placing in this partial ranking, as achieved in 2011, we could even have could have even left the favorites from Cologne behind. Does the university sport Karlsruhe maintains this level in the three subsectors, it may be possible to expect a surprise in 2013. a surprise in 2013.

"The ranking is proof of the good performance of the participating Karlsruhe students and their students as well as their honorary chairpersons and managers. To them This excellent ranking is due to them," says Dr. Dietmar Blicker, Head of University Sports at KIT. At the same time, the strong ranking is a proof for the commitment and the good work of the employees of the KIT University Sports and the KIT Sports Department.