KIT Basketballer ll without a chance in Cologne

  • Datum: 22.07.2014

KIT Basketballer ll without a chance in Cologne

As Baden-Württemberg university champions, KIT's WG 2 competed at the DHM finals in Cologne this weekend. The team knew that it would be a tough tournament, especially since they were drawn into a very strong group with Cologne, Bayreuth and Kiel.
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Nevertheless, the anticipation and the honor to participate in such a final round was in the foreground and this was not lost on the second Karlsruhe team during the tournament, despite the clear inferiority in all preliminary round matches.

WG Karlsruhe II vs Kiel 35:65

In the first game against the team from Kiel University, the Karlsruhe team got off to a bad start in the tournament. The partly physically superior Kiel team hit almost all their throws right from the start, while the Karlsruhe team's scoring rate was not very high. In the offense, the announced systems were not played through consistently, so that hardly any free throws could be created. At the beginning, the Karlsruhe team had big problems to adjust to the high pressure of the opponents. On the defensive side, on the other hand, they had to accept too many second opportunities from Kiel due to inconsistent boxing out. Thus, a clear lead was quickly created, although the Karlsruhe team slowly found its way better into the game and created good opportunities to score. Also the boxing out in the defense worked better, so that less offensive rebounds of Kiel were allowed. However, the Kielers moved the ball very well and were able to continue to create open throws through strong individual actions, which they hit at an unabatedly high rate. However, some well played easy finishes and hit threes in the second half on the part of Karlsruhe came too late and did not endanger the victory of Kiel University.

WG Cologne vs WG Karlsruhe II 72:41

The second game against WG Köln, who started as the favorite in the tournament, the Karlsruhe team started very strong despite the high defeat in the first game. From a good defense, free throws were created in the attack and also the hit rate was high at the beginning. However, the Karlsruhe team was unable to gain a lead, as the Cologne team also scored at a high percentage. The hosts were particularly accurate from behind the three-point line. By the break, Cologne had managed to pull away slightly, but the game was not yet decided at that point. In the second half, however, Karlsruhe collapsed and made many mistakes, which Cologne immediately punished with a series of fastbreak points. In addition, Karlsruhe's scoring rate deteriorated significantly, while Cologne continued to hit many threes. In the end, the Cologne team won clearly and without any danger due to the better second half and thus took away the 2nd team from Karlsruhe's chance to advance after the group stage.

Uni Bayreuth vs WG Karlsruhe II 80:52

After the elimination was already sealed, the Karlsruhe team met the team of Uni Bayreuth in the last game. Since it was the last game for KIT for some players of the Karlsruhe team due to their studies, the team wanted to play a good last game. As against Cologne, the boys of KIT started concentrated and played a strong first quarter. The moves showed success and also the defense stood well. No offensive rebounds were allowed, so that the boys from Bayreuth did not get any second chances. As the game progressed, the Karlsruhe team began to show signs of dwindling strength. Many missed baskets and easy points for the team from Bayreuth also tipped this game in favor of the opponent, so that the Karlsruhe team also clearly lost the third game despite good effort and will.

In the end, the 2nd team was eliminated from the tournament after the preliminary round, Cologne and Bayreuth played out the tournament victory among themselves in the final. Once again, the great team spirit of the 2nd Karlsruhe team, the commitment on the field of all 12 players, the mutual support no matter what the score and the great fun the team had the whole weekend in Cologne must be emphasized. The title of Baden-Württemberg University Champion crowns a great year for the KIT basketball players and already makes them look forward to the next one.

For WG Karlsruhe II played:

Unger, Schwendemann, Özipek, Witt, Bergem, Musiol, Ursprung, Svoboda, Katzenschwanz, Garganese, Konstantinov, Huber with coach M. Delbé.