Rowers from Karlsruhe with strong DHM in Hannover

  • Datum: 23.07.2014

Rowers from Karlsruhe with strong DHM in Hannover

Vom 4.7.-6.7. fanden auf dem Maschsee in Hannover die Deutschen Hochschulmeisterschaften (DHM) im Rudern statt. Die Karlsruher Studenten des KIT und der Hochschule zeigten sich in prächtiger Form und kehren mit vier Medaillen von den Titelkämpfen heim.
dhm rudern

First, Karlsruhe boats got a taste of the regatta in the 'Novice' races. However, the men's boat from Karlsruhe was unable to hold its own in the large 20-boat field over 500m in the gig double four. Unfortunately, Jonathan Müller, Lukas Rossel, Felix Beuke, Christopher Steinbach and coxswain Andreas Trenkle had to retire in the second heat. Their colleagues Christina Kunert, Hanna Guggenberger, Maren Haid, Maren Mistele and cox Georg Moeser did better in the women's race. In the 16-boat field, they made it to the A final, where they finished a respectable fifth.
Also in the 'Novice' races, the men's 1000m four with coxswain was held in the racing boat. Christoph Umminger, Simon Foitzik, Jan Ripperger, Lennart Puck and coxswain Christina Kunert were able to improve their third place from last year and finished second.
The open championship races on the 1000m course were opened by Philipp Pfirrmann and Cedric Kulbach in the lightweight men's double sculls for the Karlsruhe team. With eight boats entered, they first faced preliminary heats in which they safely qualified for the final. In the final, the Karlsruhe boat also rode a confident race and in the end secured the runner-up title behind the boat from Dortmund and well ahead of Würzburg.

The highlight of the first day of the regatta was the men's eight of the universities. Here, too, seven boats started the preliminary heats. Karlsruhe had to deal directly with the reigning champion from Aachen and runner-up from Hamburg. Halfway through the course, the boat from Aachen was already ahead, so that the Karlsruhe team with Christoph Reichelt, Maximilian Detmer, Heiko Gulan, Andreas von Borstel, Simon Schiml, Matthias Reichelt, Klaus Brümann, Simon Gessler and coxswain Madeleine Merdes saved their strength for the other heats. In the following heat, the fourth place was enough to enter the final. In the final in the late afternoon, the Karlsruhe eight first had to let the preliminary race winners from Aachen and Dresden go, and the two Hamburg boats also started quickly. In the second 500m, however, the Karlsruhe boat got going better and better and pushed forward stroke by stroke on the outer lane. At the finish the photo had to decide: Aachen clearly secured the title again, behind them Dresden and Karlsruhe were separated by only an incredible 15 hundredths of a second, with the better end for Dresden. Nevertheless, the Karlsruhe team could be happy about winning the bronze medal in this very strong field.

On Sunday the participants of the 'Novice' races measured themselves again over 500m in the Mix-Gig-Double-Fours. Of the two Karlsruhe boats, the team consisting of Jonathan Müller, Lukas Rossel, Christina Kunert, Maren Mistele and cox Andreas Trenkle made it to the B final. Here they finished their race in fourth place and thus reached tenth place overall.
Cedric Kulbach started in the lightweight men's single in the open championship races. In this time quite strong, but still fair headwind, he had to go through preliminary and repechage in the nine-boat field. In the final of this strong race he managed a good race, but it was only enough for fourth place and thus not for another medal.
The rowers of the eight faced strong and numerous competition in the coxless four. Both boats had to go through to the second round after losing the first heat. Christoph Reichelt, Simon Schiml, Heiko Gulan and Maximilian Detmer managed to win here and thus qualify for the final. Simon Gessler, Andreas von Borstel, Klaus Brümann and Matthias Reichelt only achieved third place in the more strongly contested hope heat and thus made it to the B final. Here they finished eighth overall in a good race. For the foursome in the A-final, there was a lack of energy at the end to intervene in the awarding of medals, behind the medal winners from Hanover, Dresden and Hamburg, the Karlsruhe boat did not get beyond sixth place.
The final race of the regatta was again the men's eight, this time over 500m. Again Karlsruhe had to face Aachen, Bremen and Hannover were also at the start. Using all the reserves still available, the team managed another convincing race, keeping up with the favorites from Aachen for a long time. Only on the last meters Aachen could pass Karlsruhe a little bit. With half a second to the winner, the Karlsruhe students could end the regatta with another silver medal, bronze went to Bremen in racing consortium with Dresden.

For the rowers from Karlsruhe, the season is entering the final spurt after the DHM: At the end of July, the state championships will still be held in Breisach, where the Badenachter can win its ninth title in a row.