KIT 10km runners defend team title!

  • Datum: 17.09.2014

KIT 10km runners defend team title!

The German University Championships (DHM) in the 10km road race took place this year for the first time as part of the Fulda Marathon.
dhm 10km

The challenging course with surprisingly many meters of altitude, many tight turns and slippery cobblestones in the old town of Fulda demanded a lot from the participating athletes. A group of drummers and many spectators at the side of the course provided a good atmosphere.

The highly motivated KIT students delivered excellent results despite the difficult course. Especially Fabian Lutz should be mentioned, who despite an unintentional detour, due to unclear routing, still ran to 2nd place in 32:47. He was followed by Karsten Müller (5th in 33:36), Daniel Debertin (6th in 33:45) and Max-Philipp Wochner (11th in 36:46). This performance meant the title in the team ranking, where the times of the three fastest runners of a university are added. Thus, this title, which already went to KIT last year, could be successfully defended - this year even with an overall time that was almost two minutes faster.

(Photo from left to right: Fabian Lutz, Max-Philipp Wochner, Daniel Debertin, Karsten Müller)