KIT Fencers on the Podium at the DHM

KIT Fencers on the Podium at the DHM

With a total of 26 starters in 8 disciplines, the fencers from Karlsruhe were the strongest of all German high schools represented at this year's DHM in Heidelberg.
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The greatest success for KIT was achieved by the epee fencers Arne Richter, Martin Hartmann, Christopher Stoerrle and Valentin Lehner with their third place in the team competition.

They mastered their two fights in the preliminary round against Hannover and Tübingen with bravura, as well as against Braunschweig and Marburg in the eighth and quarter finals.
Only in the semifinals they could be stopped by the later university champions from Aachen.

The second team, consisting of Fabian Lansche, Dominik Rimpf, Benjamin Schmidt and Johannes Müller, had been able to win one of two preliminary round fights against the first team from Cologne still relatively relaxed. In the K.O. round they met again the cathedral cities, which had then tactically changed and an unpleasant left-hander as a Schlußmann set.
Since the Karlsruhe team had anticipated this, they put the even more unpleasant Johannes Müller as the last man, who then, as planned, was able to score the last goal to win 45:44 and thus decide the fight, which offered several lead changes and a lot of suspense, for the Karlsruhe team.

The three advanced fencers Thomas Barteit, Daniel Hilbert and Nicolas Ziegler formed a unified team, which above all harmonized well and moved from fight to fight without any worries and could also secure the last and decisive hit for the 45:44 victory against the Swabians after a very exciting fight against the Stuttgart team.

In the women's épée team competition, however, the first team fell far short of their expectations.
The fencers Laura Molz, Alina Heckel, Katja Kaltenbach and Stefanie Pitz were unsuccessful in the two fights in the preliminary round against the teams from Freiburg and Giessen and were eliminated in the first knockout round.
Much more pleasing, on the other hand, was the placing of the second team, which consisted of the advanced Anne-Sophie Seiffert, Mariana Leshkovych, Jasmin Joas and Michaela Sassadeck.
They can be very proud of their narrow victory (45:44) after a very exciting battle against Cologne 2 and of their overall ranking.

Men's foil teams also convince!

The men's foil teams could not complain about their placements either.
The first team met in the preliminary round the teams of the University of Marburg and the University of Mannheim, which consisted of three C-Bundeskaderathletes.
The feasible opponents from Marburg were dispatched by Johannes Müller, Alexander Kraus, Laurin Fischer and Benjamin Schmidt with 45:38 points, which was absolutely impossible against the fencers from Mannheim, who had fenced at a Grand Prix in Shanghai just one week before.
In the knockout round they also met the team of the University of Würzburg, who even had two AB-Bundeskaderathletes in their ranks, and were eliminated after very lerhreich fencing completely justified. Nevertheless, the eighth place in the overall standings is okay.
The second foil team also managed a victory in the preliminary round against the team from Kiel. In the second knockout round, however, it was all over against Aachen.

The three KIT sabre fencers fell by the wayside against strong opponents who are still actively fencing in clubs.
Steffen and Roman Ehrle, as well as Erich Bretnütz got the one possible victory against the second team from Tübingen in the preliminary round.
But in the quarterfinals they came nowhere near the Giessen team.

In the individual competitions, the placings were very scattered.
Arne Richter achieved the best individual result with his ninth place in epee.
Fleur Klingelberger, also epee, and Johannes Müller, foil, both achieved eleventh place in their scores, which neither can complain about at all. Especially in foil, because there started four squad athletes, who used the tournament as a qualification for the upcoming Universiade in South Korea in the summer, and thus made the competition enormously stronger.

The placings:

Women's epee singles (67 competitors): 11th Fleur Klingelberger, 17th Alina Heckel, 20th Laura Molz, 36th Katja Kaltenbach, 61st Anne-Sophie Seiffert, 67th Michaela Sassadeck.

Men's foil single: (78 participants): 11th Johannes Müller, 25th Jens Keller, 43rd Alexander Kraus, 54th Laurin Fischer, 65th Philipp Weimann

Men's epee single (113 participants): 9th Arne Richter, 28th Jens Keller, 44th Christopher Stoerrle, 49th Martin Hartmann, 58th Valentin Lehner, 67th Fabian Lansche, 76th Dominik Rimpf, 77th Benjamin Schmidt, 93rd Daniel Hilbert, 105th Thomas Barteit

Men's sabre single (25 participants): 13th Steffen Ehrle, 15th Roman Ehrle, 20th Erich Bretnütz

Women's epee team (18 teams): 11TH KIT 2, 18TH KIT 1

Men's foil team (17 teams): 8TH KIT 1, 12TH KIT 2

Men's Epee Team (25 teams): 3RD KIT 1, 13TH KIT 2, 18TH KIT 3

Men's Sabre Team (8 teams): 6TH KIT 1