Successful heat battle at adh-Open Lacrosse

Successful heat battle at adh-Open Lacrosse

Am 4./5. Juli fanden in Schweinfurt die adh-Open Lacrosse statt. Neben Rekord-Temperaturen konnte auch eine Rekord-Teilnehmerzahl verbucht werden: Mit 26 Herren-, 23 Damenteams und über 600 Sportlern war es das bisher größte Lacrosse-Turnier Europas.
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On Saturday morning, the preliminary round matches started for both Karlsruhe teams. The ladies started with a convincing victory over Stuttgart (5:1). Shortly thereafter, the men were also allowed to enjoy the sun, which was already shining hot at an early hour. After a strong start (4:1), the men's team took it a bit easier, so that in the end they won 5:4 against Paderborn. The second games of the preliminary round showed a similar course of play. While the ladies were again able to score a few goals from a strong defense (9:1 against Gießen), the men showed a rather mediocre game and won 2-1 against Marburg. In the end, both teams stood confidently with 4:0 points as group winners in the round of 16.

In the afternoon, the women continued their strong form and were able to land an 8:0 victory in the round of 16 against Passau and shortly thereafter in a superior game against Bayreuth to make the semi-finals perfect with a 6:1.
The men's team followed suit again, beating Giessen 5-3 in the round of 16. In a quarterfinal against the eventual runners-up from Dortmund/Duisburg/Essen that was exciting right up to the last second, the men initially took a 4-2 lead, but were unable to defend it to the end, finally conceding the 4-5 goal two seconds before the final whistle.

Karlsruhe teams secure strong finishes

So it was off to the placement round 5-8 for the men and the semifinals for the women on Sunday.
The men had to play Münster first. In a sovereign game they could defeat them with 5:3. In the match for 5th place they had to play against Göppingen. Here, too, the men from Karlsruhe were able to prove themselves and secured a strong fifth place out of a total of 26 teams, albeit via a 2x3 minute overtime.
For the ladies, the semi-final against the Cologne/Bonn team was the final. After a rather weak start, Karlsruhe fought its way back into the game, but finally had to admit defeat with 5:7. In the match for third place, the team was also unable to match the very good performance of the previous day and lost to Würzburg with a score of 2:11.

At the end of an exhausting weekend, where all athletes reached their limits due to the enormous heat, the results of the WG Karlsruhe can be seen with the places 4 in the women's and 5 in the men's competition.

The lacrosse teams and KIT Hochschulsport would like to thank the organizing team and the organizers from Schweinfurt for the great tournament!