Truly royal DHM apparatus gymnastics 2015

Truly royal DHM apparatus gymnastics 2015

On June 12 and 13, 2015, the German University Championships (DHM) in apparatus gymnastics, organized by the Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsport (ADH) and hosted by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), took place.
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Since last year's championship had to be cancelled due to a lack of organizers, the high school gymnasts were especially looking forward to the big event this year. Around 460 active gymnasts from 40 competition groups from all over Germany traveled to Karlsruhe together with judges, referees and fans to perform and celebrate together.
The German university gymnasts were expected by the student organization team around Judith Schlanderer, Cornelia Wolf, Binia Sonnen, Jonas Rogalla and Thomas Hanke, as well as more than 100 helping Karlsruhe university gymnasts, the Karlsruhe Kings. Already in the run-up to the event, a lot of planning and organizing was done in order to host a great DHM apparatus gymnastics 2015.

Tournament start with the DHM of the women

The DHM started on Friday noon with the competition of the DHM women, in which gymnastics is performed according to international scoring rules. Nine teams with three to six gymnasts started. At the beginning of the competition, the stands of the gymnasium of the Friedrich-List-Schule in Karlsruhe were not too crowded, but soon filled up and the gymnasts were strongly cheered on. In the end, the gymnasts from WG Cologne won the exciting competition and became German University Champions with 140.00 points, ahead of WG Karlsruhe (133.50 points) and WG Heidelberg (131.80 points). In the individual ranking Nicole Fritz from WG Ulm won with 50.70 points ahead of Anja Rheinbay (48.55 points) and Pia Tolle (46.40 points) from Cologne. In the afternoon, the DHM men were allowed on the apparatus. Here, too, the gymnasts competed according to international rules. Due to the 19 registered teams, the competition was performed in two rounds. The competition remained exciting until the end, especially because it was difficult for the spectators to compare the teams over two rounds. In the end, TU Chemnitz won the competition with 220.45 points ahead of WG Karlsruhe (218.70 points) and WG Munich (217.15 points). In the individual ranking Helge Liebrich from PH Schwäbisch Gmünd won with 84.35 points ahead of Fabian Lotz (82.00 points) from WG Gießen and Johannes Schaal (78.75 points) also from PH Schwäbisch Gmünd.
Thus the first competition day of the DHM ended late on Friday evening. The gymnasts, judges and fans could move into their quarters in the sports hall of the KIT. There they were provided with drinks and breakfast by the Karlsruhe Kings.

Dazzling atmosphere on Saturday

On Saturday morning, the competition of the men's ADH Cup, in which gymnastics is performed according to simplified scoring rules, started already at 7:30 am. Some fans made it to the hall on time for the start. In the course of the competition, however, the atmosphere in the stands increased considerably. Not only on the apparatus was there a fight, but also in the stands no one wanted to be denied the title of the best and loudest fan block. Cramming, drumming, whistling and the mere voice - everything was used to cheer on their own gymnasts.
In a strong field of 20 teams, the University of Tübingen won with 222.10 points ahead of WG Karlsruhe I (220.35 points) and WG Munich I (217.40 points). In the individual ranking Kai Meister from WG Erlangen-Nuremberg won with 76.35 points ahead of Sam Bürsner (75.50 points) from WG Konstanz and Julian Graf (74.75 points) also from WG Erlangen-Nuremberg. The judges and the competition management did a very good job, so that the competition of the ADH Cup of the women could start directly afterwards. Due to the 33 registered teams, two rounds were performed. WG Köln I won with 152.25 points ahead of Uni Leipzig (150.90 points) and WG München I (149.60 points). In the individual ranking, Rabea Homp from the University of Leipzig won with 52.75 points, ahead of Rebecca Abel from WG Cologne (52.45 points) and Kerstin Weil from the University of Frankfurt (Main) (51.60 points).

For the crowning conclusion, the apparatus finals were held, for which the best six gymnasts of the respective apparatus of the DHM had qualified on Friday. The grandstand of the gymnasium of the Friedrich-List-Schule was completely filled, the atmosphere was great and together the gymnasts were cheered on down in the hall. Among the gymnasts, Anja Rheinbay from WG Cologne won the finals on vault (13, 45 points), beam (12.50 points) and floor (12.75 points). Her colleague Pia Tolle became German University Champion on parallel bars (11.80 points). In the gymnastics, the German University Champion in the all-around from the day before, Helge Liebrich from PH Schwäbisch-Gmünd, also won the title on floor (13.775 points), horse (13.80 points), vault (13.987 points), parallel bars (14.50 points) and high bar (13.65 points). The final on rings was won by Florian Lindner from TU Chemnitz with 14.125 points.

DHM apparatus gymnastics in Karlsruhe a complete success

Thus, the competitions of the DHM apparatus gymnastics 2015 ended late on Saturday evening. While the Karlsruhe university gymnasts with some hard-working helpers dismantled and cleaned up the entire gymnasium in record-breaking speed, the guests were already served at the traditional pasta party in the foyer of the KIT Sports Institute. The subsequent big DHM party on Saturday evening at the AKK concluded the DHM apparatus gymnastics 2015.

The Karlsruhe Kings look back on the DHM apparatus gymnastics 2015 with pride and joy. With more than 100 helping Karlsruhe Kings and a highly committed organization team, the DHM became an unforgettable event both for the guests who traveled to the event and for the Karlsruhe university gymnasts. Do not forget: After the DHM is before the DHM - We are looking forward to the DHM apparatus gymnastics 2016!