National team of female students convinces in France

  • Datum: 09.06.2017

National team of female students convinces in France

A friendly match of the German national team of female students against the current Universiade winner from France in Reims (France) ends with a goalless draw in front of a great crowd of about 5000 spectators.

On Wednesday evening, 07.06.2017, the female student national team from Germany, led by Phil Weimer and discipline head Dr. Carolin Braun, met the Universiade winner of 2015 France in Reims (France). In best football weather and about 5000 enthusiastic spectators, the German players met a usually strong French team. The numerous spectators, including several school classes, saw an open exchange of blows in the first quarter of an hour as well as show interludes such as "Captain America", who was roped down from the stadium roof to place the match ball on the kick-off spot.

The game was characterized in the first 15 minutes by fast switching play and a high running workload of both teams. After initial uncertainties, both teams came well into the game and had some chances. At halftime, however, the 0:0 could be held. After the restart, the German team changed a total of five times to use all the players of the team in this game under great scenery. Despite the short preparation time due to the short training course and the personnel changes in the second half, the team was able to show a strong performance over 90 minutes and represented German Student Football excellently.

The required tactical formations were adhered to and so they developed some good scoring opportunities. In the end, it was a fair draw that could have been crowned with a goal on both sides.

The German team, which consists mainly of players from the first and second Bundesliga and a few regional league players, showed a performance that can be built on. Coach Phil Weimer was enthusiastic about the game: "The team showed a very good performance, with which I am very satisfied! Our basic tactical considerations were implemented very well, as the players are all very well trained. Due to the short preparation time, we had to rely on the players' game intelligence, and they confirmed this confidence placed in them."

Discipline head of women's soccer at the adh and coach Dr. Carolin Braun: "Due to some last-minute cancellations in the wake of injuries and short-term scheduling conflicts, there were a total of 11 new players in the team, some of whom could only be nominated a few days beforehand. Therefore, the planning and preparation for the match was not quite optimal, but we are extremely satisfied with the training course and the international match. The atmosphere in the stadium exceeded our expectations and the players were eager to win the game. Even if it wasn't quite enough in the end."

In the end, Phil Weimer and Dr. Carolin Braun's German team created a number of good scoring chances, showed a high level of willingness to run and demonstrated real team spirit in a very short time. Another part of the trip to France were visits to different schools, where the players answered questions from the French children and at the end there was time for a small joint training session.

The team's next big highlight is already coming up in four weeks. The German national team of female students will then fly to Uruguay for an ambassadorial trip. On site, there will probably be an international match against the national female student team as well as against the senior national team from Uruguay. "This year we are incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to complete two great measures at the same time!" explains Dr. Braun and coach Weimer adds "The personal experiences that the players take with them on such trips and the international opponents shape the players and bring them forward both humanly and playfully! We were thrilled with the great organization of the days in France and would like to thank the French delegation. In addition, we are already looking forward to a sporting and culturally interesting trip to Uruguay."

The players were Frederike Abt (KIT Karlsruhe), Anne Fühner (PH Heidelberg), Lina Bürger (TU Darmstadt), Michaela Specht (Uni Mannheim), Annika Eberhardt (HS Darmstadt), Tabea Waßmuth (Uni Mannheim/all TSG Hoffenheim), Maren Haberäcker (HS Triesdorf), Nina Heisel (Uni Erlangen-Nürnberg/both SV Weinberg), Nathalie Klupp (PH Heidelberg/1. FFC Niederkirchen), Jana Rippberger (Uni Heidelberg/FC Ingolstadt), Magdalena Richter (Ruhr-Uni Bochum/FSV Gütersloh 2009), Lisa Seiler (EAH Jena/USV Jena), Sabine Stoller (Uni Freiburg/FC Freiburg), Natalie Härterich (Uni Stuttgart), Meike Van Elten (KIT Karlsruhe/both FV Löchgau), Nina Raasch (Uni Erlangen-Nürnberg/1. FC Nürnberg).