Bachelor of Education in Sports Science (B. Ed.)

Objectives of the B. Ed. bachelor's program Sports Science

The Bachelor of Education degree program provides fundamental expertise in the fields of social sciences, natural sciences and medicine in the context of sport and movement. A special focus in teacher education is the acquisition of learning and teaching skills as well as the methodical-didactic teaching of the theory and practice of sports. The students of the bachelor's degree programme qualify for postgraduate studies (master's programme) with a teacher's reference.

Structure of the degree program

The degree programme comprises a total of 180 credit points (CP) and is designed to run over 6 semesters. It consists of two main subjects, each totalling 78 credits, and a bachelor's thesis in one of the two main subjects (12 credits). In addition, an educational science program (8 credits) and an orienting internship (4 credits) must be completed.

Career options

The Bachelor of Education program qualifies graduates to take the Master of Education (M. Ed.) Degree program. Only after successful completion of the master's program and the internship approval for teaching in schools is granted.