Studies at the KIT Sports Institute

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The Institute of Sports and Sports Science (IfSS) is engaged in research, teaching and innovation of physical activity and human movement in an interdisciplinary manner, taking into account aspects of performance, health and technology. The interdisciplinarity takes place both within the institute and KIT-wide as well as with external research and cooperation partners on a national and international level.

The IfSS is structured according to the professorships in the research and teaching area of Social and Health Sciences in Sport, Exercise physiology and Nutrition, Applied Psychology, Sports Orthopedics and the Natural Sciences of Sports. In addition, the Research Center for Physical Education and Sports of Children and Young People (FoSS) is located at the institute.

In addition to the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science courses in sports science with the three Master Profiles in Physical Education and Physical Activity, Physical Activity and Health as well as Physical Activity in Childhood and Adolescence, Bachelor of Education and Master of Education courses are also offered.

The biomechanics lab BioMotion Center enables us to capture and analyze human movements for research and teaching purposes in a time-synchronized manner and to carry out a comprehensive analysis of human movements from the perspectives of such disciplines as motor control, biomechanics, training as well as medical sciences.

Hochschulsport is a sub-unit of the IfSS and for students and employees of the KIT as well as their cooperation facilities, of which 7.000 participate each week.

The portfolio of knowledge transfer ranges from medical performance diagnostics and sports psychological education courses, to occupational health management and nutritional counseling, to the specially established training academy.