Chair of Social and Health Sciences in Sport

The working division Social and Health Sciences in Sport focuses in particular on research into the conditions and effects of physical activity in one’s life. Accordingly, explanatory theories of sports participation, intervention theories on the design of sports programs and bio-psychosocial theories on the effects of physical activity feature heavily.

Analysis of mental and social conditions for the description and explanation of physical activity and physical performance in one’s life, the examination of the effects of physical activity on motor, health, cognitive and social development, the optimization of methods for recording the conditions and effects of athletic activity in one’s life (including activity questionnaire, mobile self-monitoring, fitness and health tests) constitute the central themes.

Other focal points are the theory-led development of sports programs and concepts for children, adolescents and adults in different activity areas of sport or within a health promotion setting (e.g. school, community, company, association etc.) and incorporating modern technologies as well as evaluation research and quality management in sport and health promotion.