Research Centre for Physical Education and Sports of Children and Young People (FoSS)

Research, education, innovation - three pillars

The three pillars - or branches - of FoSS are the areas of "applied research", "education and training" and "innovation and knowledge transfer". The main focus of research activities is placed on practice-oriented research in implementation and effectiveness testing of programs for sports, games and exercise in school and preschool age for the children and adolescents target group (including students).

Master of Science

The profile of "exercise and sport in childhood and adolescence" in the master's degree in Sports Science (M. Sc.) is provided by FoSS, in addition to the biennial congress, which deals with the question of how can we motivate children and adolescents in changing social conditions to exercise, play and take part in sport, which make up the core area of the branch "education, training and further education".

Lectures und Workshops

Annual lectures and workshops, amongst other things, at the "KIT children’s uni", with offers for children and adolescents as an introduction to sports and studies such as the "FoSS-SportsCamp" or the school lab "School goes Biomotion", allow us to transfer our knowledge directly to the next generation and demonstrate new innovations.

The tree diagram illustrates the diversity of FoSS and offers an initial glimpse of the projects and partners with whom FoSS principally cooperates, on a sustainable basis. To the Website of FoSS