KIT Team at the DHM Trampoline 2014

  • Datum: 06.03.2014

KIT Team at the DHM Trampoline 2014

This year, the German University Championships were hosted by Heidelberg University in the sports halls of the Olympiastützpunkt Rhein-Neckar e.V..
dhm trampolin

At the well-attended competition with 36 different universities from Kiel to Konstanz and out of this 119 single competitors, 41 synchronized pairs and 21 registered teams, the KIT with its 12 active gymnasts, as well as 2 alumni, 7 synchronized pairs, its 3 teams and 3 judges was with its participation one of the strongly represented universities at the competition. Despite the many and strong competition, the participants from Karlsruhe could partly reach the finals, stand on the podium or gymnastics very close to a place on the podium.

After an exciting and eventful preliminary competition of the men, Holger Nieder was on the 11th place and thus reached the final for the Karlsruhe team. There he could keep his place in spite of strong competition with their final exercises decorated by difficulties.
Unfortunately, this year the synchronized pair Holger Nieder and Manuel Schweigert could not keep the title of 3rd place in the men's synchronized, because they made some mistakes and misunderstandings in the last jump of their routine in the preliminaries, so that they did not reach the final. However, both could not train extensively for the competition this year due to private reasons.

At every DHM of trampoline, there is also, besides the official DHM ranking for the non-club jumpers, an internal ranking, i.e. for the persons who have learned the so-called compulsory exercise "P8" exclusively in the university sport. Here the Karlsruhe team could secure the 3rd place in the internal ranking and defended this title from last year. This team consisted of the participants Vanessa Schmidt, Stephan Kohl, Manuel Schweigert and Kim Nguyen, who have no club background and gained their experience in trampoline only in the Karlsruhe university sport and partly jump for almost 3 years. With a mistake in the last jump of the free skate Steffen Knoth and Kim Nguyen unexpectedly missed the 3rd place of the internal ranking with only 0.2 points. Kim Nguyen also missed the podium in the women's individual competition. After a very well executed 9 jumps in her compulsory routine, she missed the last jump from the apparatus, so that she missed the 3rd place only by 0.1 points.

Things went better for the alumni of the Karlsruher Hochschulsport, who competed and were judged in a mixed women's and men's competition. Conny Mutscheller reached the 3rd place in the single last year and won the 1st place this year. In the synchronized her success series was continued. There she reached the 2nd place with her partner Sylvia Human from the University of Saarland.

All in all, the Karlsruhe team can be very satisfied. With their results, the jumpers from Karlsruhe were able to keep up well in spite of the great competition of club jumpers and with their places they occupied the upper midfield in the official ranking and are one of the best universities in the internal ranking.