DHM Orienteering: KIT Ladies Relay in 3rd Place

DHM Orienteering: KIT Ladies Relay in 3rd Place

High in the north of Germany in Schönwalde am Bungsberg and Kiel, the German University Championships in orienteering took place this year on May 31st/June 1st. Ten runners from Karlsruhe were also there.
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In glorious sunshine, the individual championships took place this year on the Bungsberg near Schönwalde between Kiel and the island of Fehmarn. In the glacial terrain with fine relief, distances between 4.5 and 10.5km as the crow flies had to be completed. However, the spring had left its mark, so the vegetation was much denser than recorded on the map. Despite these difficult running conditions, Lena Stortz from KIT was able to achieve a very strong sixth place. As the best Karlsruhe starters in the men's championships, Jüri Joonas (KIT) ran in 16th place and Thomas Sigle (HSTW Karlsruhe) in 18th place. In the frame category Cup B, Tamara Treptow and Felix Czink (both KIT) were able to secure 1st and 3rd place.

On Sunday, the relay championships took place in partly light drizzle, traditionally on the campus of the organizing university, this time Kiel. Each runner has to complete two shorter distances. The first men's relay team with Georg Hinkel, Thomas Sigle and Jüri Joonas just missed the podium and finished fourth. Things went better for the women. The winning Karlsruhe women's relay team from last year started with a significantly different line-up, as two of the three runners did not compete this year. Instead, two runners, Carina Mieth and Johanna Ritzau, joined the team, who only got to know orienteering through university sports. But already after the first lap the women's relay team was successful again, when the final runner Lena Stortz finished the first lap with a clear lead over the following relay teams in third place. This ranking could be maintained during the second round and so won the bronze adh pin.

Women's individual championship (6,9km 185hm 15P, 29 starters)

1st Mariann Ulvestad (Kiel University) 55:40

6th Lena Stortz (KIT Karlsruhe) 1:06:59

19th Carina Mieth (KIT Karlsruhe) 1:34:56

25th Johanna Ritzau (KIT Karlsruhe) 2:03:49

Men's Individual Championship (10,6km 320Hm 21P, 38 starters)

1st Bjarne Friedrichs (Uni Göttingen) 1:02:45

16th Jüri Joonas (KIT Karlsruhe) 1:25:33

18th Thomas Sigle (HSTW Karlsruhe) 1:28:02

27th Georg Hinkel (KIT Karlsruhe) 1:56:54

34th Alexander Armbruster (DHBW Karlsruhe) 2:15:13

36th Andreas Wagner (KIT Karlsruhe) 2:38:12

Cup B (4,5km 90Hm 10P, 3 starters)

1st Tamara Treptow (KIT Karlsruhe) 39:18

3rd Felix Czink (KIT Karlsruhe) 48:08

Ladies relay championship (7 relays)

1st TU Dresden (Nieke, Jaunsproge, Flechsig) 1:41:19

3rd WG Karlsruhe (Mieth, Ritzau, Stortz) 1:59:23

Men's relay championship (12 relays)

1st TU Dresden 1 (Kossack, Röhnert, Kretzschmar) 1:37:53

4th WG Karlsruhe 1 (Hinkel, Sigle, Joonas) 1:55:28

WG Karlsruhe 2 (Armbruster, Treptow, Wagner) Missed