KIT soccer players fail despite good performance

  • Datum: 27.06.2014

KIT soccer players fail despite good performance

Last weekend(20./21.06.14) the young, newly formed soccer team of WG Karlsruhe, led by the two interim coaches Christian Timm and Philipp Martens, traveled to the DHM in Bielefeld.
dhm fußball

Without the experienced leading wolves of the Karlsruhe university team and without the prevented coach Dr. Dietmar Blicker, the selection wanted to create a surprise at the DHM finals in Bielefeld.

After a long journey, WG Karlsruhe offered a strong and concentrated performance on the first day of play in the second semi-final (Semi-final 1: Uni Bochum against Uni Erlangen-Nürnberg) against the host and reigning German University Champion, Uni Bielefeld. The footballers from the fan city were not only able to keep up with the high tempo of the Bielefelders in the early stages, but also had the game in their own hands for long stretches. Accordingly, the 0:1 (20.) for the hosts fell as if out of the blue after the Karlsruhe team could not clear the ball in their own 16-er and the ball fell directly at the feet of the opponent. But even after the bitter setback, the selection players did not let themselves be rattled and continued to dominate the game. Shortly after halftime, they were rewarded for their efforts. Tobias Hohmeister converted a justified penalty kick to make it 1-1 (55th) after Phil Weimer was rudely fouled in the opponent's sixteen. But the joy did not last long. Immediately after the restart, the euphoria of Karlsruhe was nipped in the bud by a strong individual performance and a deadly alley ball to 1:2 (56.). And yet the irrepressible will to win of the Karlsruhe boys was not even remotely broken by this. On the contrary. The fan cities compile themselves numerous good goal chances, left these however up to the final whistle unused. Thus one had to be content with the play around place 3 on the next day.

On day 2 of the finals, the students from Karlsruhe faced the loser of the 1st semi-final, the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in the small final. In a mostly fair game, the decimated and powerless Karlsruhe team conceded 3rd place to the clearly superior Erlangen-Nuremberg team (final score 1:5).

All in all, despite two defeats, the young squad of the WG Karlsruhe gained a lot of experience and cohesion for the coming years, in which, among other things, the qualification for the EUGAMES 2016 in Zagreb (Kraotia) is at stake.

Winner of this year's German University Football Championship was the WG Bochum after their success over the University of Bielefeld with 4:3 after penalty shootout.