Successful adh-Open Fistball at KIT

  • Datum: 05.11.2014

Successful adh-Open Fistball at KIT

On October 4, 11 teams from all over Germany competed in Karlsruhe for the cups of the adh-Open Fistball in the men's and mixed tournament.
mixed faustball sieger

An important point for fistball was that each team must have at least two non-active players on the field to introduce new students to the sport as well.

In the men's tournament, the Heidelberg University team led by Nick Trinemeier and Oliver Späth from Pfungstadt won the title undefeated ahead of Bochum. The other places were taken by the host Karlsruhe, followed by Leipzig and Hamburg.
In the mixed tournament, Kiel beat the host Karlsruhe by just one point in an exciting final and thus secured the title for the first time.

The main organizer Matthias Hufnagel was satisfied with the tournament: "I am particularly impressed by the high level of the matches. But the student character of the event was also not neglected aside from the sports field."

Next year, hopefully an organizer will be found again to be able to offer especially the fistball newcomers a special season highlight and to establish this event also in the long term.

The final results of the adh-Open in fistball 2014:


1. Heidelberg
2. Bochum
3. Karlsruhe
4. Leipzig
5. Hamburg

1. Kiel 2
2. Karlsruhe
3. Kiel 1
4. Bochum 2
5. Bochum 1
6. Bielefeld