All info about the DHM Riding 2014 in Karlsruhe

  • Datum: 07.11.2014

All info about the DHM Riding 2014 in Karlsruhe

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the academic equestrian group Karlsruhe, the DHM Reiten 2014 will be hosted in Karlsruhe from December 4-7.
dhm reiten 2014 karlsruhe

The academic equestrian group Karlsruhe e.V. is the association of the university equestrian group. This year it celebrates its 50th anniversary and therefore hosts the German University Championships Riding from 04 to 07 December 2014.

The DHM Riding represents one of the biggest events in university sports. A special mode and an attractive program was planned by the academic equestrian group Karlsruhe. Therefore, here is some info about this top event:

First of all, it should be mentioned for "non-specialists": The student equestrian sport is held in a different mode than the normal tournaments, in contrast to other sports.
Here, the 45 participants ride horses unknown to them, they have only 5 minutes to get used to the respective horse. In the competition, three riders ride one horse at a time and are compared. The best of the three riders advances to the next round in a knockout procedure.

For this year's DHM, the university sports group Riding has set up the following:

On Thursday, we invite you to the arrival evening under the motto "Everything was better in the past" at the San Juan Club in downtown Karlsruhe.

After a hopefully fun-filled night, we will continue on Friday from 10 a.m. with dressage on the horses provided at the Hubertushof riding facility in Linkenheim-Hochstetten. The end of the day follows in the big Ridersnight, which also takes place in the San-Juan-Club - but this time with an extended dance floor!

On Saturday there will be great sport of the riders again - this time in jumping.
As an "oldies program" there will be a Weißwurst breakfast for refreshment (for vegetarians there is an alternative on site), followed by a wine seminar (attention, here is something to learn: it is a seminar, not a wine tasting! See below for description). The non-alcoholic alternative is still being organized: there will be an active tour of the Center for Art and Media Technology (ZKM). A visit to the Karlsruhe Christkindlesmarkt afterwards is optional.
On Saturday evening, the anniversary ball for the 50th anniversary of the association Akademische Reitsportgruppe Karlsruhe e.V. will take place in the Badnerlandhalle.

The weekend will conclude on Sunday with the team and individual finals, which will be held in dressage and jumping up to advanced level.

The advance sale for the weekend is already in full swing! Thereby the interested guests can purchase the following tickets or packages:

  • Meal packages with and without breakfast and from Thursday or Friday evening.
  • Tickets for the Ridersnight on Friday evening
  • Tickets for the Ball on Saturday evening (Please choose here between "meat" and "vegetarian", this will help immensely with the planning).
  • Ball tickets at a sponsor price, by which you support the event (The sponsors can expect a little surprise on Saturday evening and Sunday morning)
  • Tickets for the oldies program (To wake up, there will be a Weißwurst breakfast, with a choice of half a mass of beer or an alternative drink. Afterwards, there is a wine seminar or a guided tour of the ZKM. The basic wine seminar "smell-taste-enjoy" has the following content: "In a playful way you will learn the basics of professional wine tasting. Sommelier Guntram Fahrner conveys the characteristics and differences of various wines in a relaxed and entertaining manner. You will rediscover and activate your senses - understand the world of wine in a new way. A snack for the stomach, prepared from fresh products, rounds off the seminar.")

For more details on student riding, visit the homepage for DHM 2014. The schedule for the weekend can be found on this page. Guests are very welcome!
Tickets for the evening events can be ordered here.
If you don't want to miss any further information and want to get regular updates, you have this possibility via the newsletter!

The Karlsruhe student riders would be very happy about numerous spectators! A visit to this year's DHM Reiten 2014 will be worthwhile - for young and old!