Strong performances at the DHM Trampoline

  • Datum: 21.04.2015

Strong performances at the DHM Trampoline

The German University Championship in trampoline gymnastics was held this year at the sports facility of the University of Göttingen.
dhm trampolin

With 170 individual participants and 58 synchronized pairs, a new record was set this year for a trampoline championship. For KIT, 11 individual participants and 5 synchronized pairs started.

The competition was not to be sneezed at, among others the reigning German Champion Alexandra Kohler as well as the former German Vice-Champion Arvid Kuritz participated. In spite of this top-class competition, four men from Karlsruhe were able to place among the top 50 percent in the men's individual competition. The best place was taken by Manuel Schweigert with 22nd place (out of 74). In the women's competition, Cornelia Schermer was able to secure 32nd place (out of 98).

In the synchronized competition Carolin Lange with her partner Tamara Reitermann from Mannheim, Stephan Kohl with Vanessa Schmidt and Steffen Knoth with Marvin Strobel made it to the final. The two ladies were able to secure 3rd place in the final. For Steffen Knoth and Marvin Strobel it was not quite enough in the end and they finished fourth. Vanessa Schmidt and Stephan Kohl were able to secure 5th place in the overall standings.

In addition to the overall ranking, there is also an internal ranking at each DHM. Here, only jumpers who started trampolining during their studies are evaluated.
In the internal ranking Vanessa Schmidt and Stephan Kohl won the first place in the mixed synchronous jumping. In the team ranking, the KIT first team unfortunately missed the podium by a narrow margin and had to settle for fourth place again.

All in all, the Karlsruhe team could be satisfied with its performance. A big praise goes to the Göttingen team, which managed to organize a great competition despite the huge number of participants.