KIT University Sports Supports Social Projects

  • Datum: 09.12.2015

KIT University Sports Supports Social Projects

KIT University Sports supports four students from Karlsruhe in a social project, whereby money can be donated without any financial effort.

Imagine if online stores donated 5% of every purchase to a social project. Amazon alone would have raised over 340 million euros in Germany last year.

How does it work?

Before someone makes a purchase in online stores such as Amazon, Zalando or, for example, the user goes to There, they can select a social project and then be redirected to the desired online store. Through this redirection we receive a commission, which is forwarded to the social projects and associations.

What does offer you ?

Collect additional income for your project offers a platform for your project to collect money in a new way. The income will be credited to you as advertising costs.

No administrative effort

There is no administrative effort for you. We take care of the technology behind and make sure that the income regularly lands on the projects' accounts.

Free of charge and no obligations

And the best part? The whole thing does not cost you a cent. And if you don't like anymore, you can delete your project at any time.