DHM Intermediate Rounds Football, Handball and Table Tennis at KIT

  • Datum: 01.06.2016

DHM Intermediate Rounds Football, Handball and Table Tennis at KIT

The Institute for Sports and Sports Science (IfSS) of KIT is pleased to host the intermediate rounds of the German University Championships in table tennis, soccer, and handball again this year.

It all starts on June 2 with the table tennis teams from Munich, Saarbrücken and Karlsruhe, which will play exciting rallies in Hall 1 C of the IfSS from 1 p.m. onwards. The Karlsruhe team can expect top-class competition, including two former second division players.

On June 8, the leather will roll in the Sparda Sport Park at the IfSS, when the teams of the University of Stuttgart, the UAS Frankfurt and a not yet known representative from Bavaria as well as the Wettkampfgemeinschaften (WG) Karlsruhe will fight from 12 o'clock on for the entry into the soccer final round of the German University Championship.

One day later, on June 9, the handball players of the University of Tübingen, the University of Bayreuth, the University of Würzburg and our WG Karlsruhe will fight for the coveted qualification place for the final round. The tournament starts at 1 p.m. in Hall 1 of the IfSS.

The first-placed team in each case will qualify for the final round of the German University Championship at the national level.

Food and drink will be provided at all events, so that nothing stands in the way of high-class and exciting games.

The KIT teams would be pleased about the support of numerous spectators!