11 table tennis players from KIT represented at DHM

  • Datum: 27.09.2016

11 table tennis players from KIT represented at DHM

Eleven players from WG Karlsruhe competed at the University Table Tennis Championships in Wuppertal from 17.06.-19.06.2016.

On Friday, the team competitions in the university hall of the Rheinische Universität Wuppertal were on the agenda. While both the first and the second men's team had to drop out in the previous rounds against the future German university champions WG Saarbrücken, the women were still in the race.

Carolin Reisig and Myriam Boesinger took 2nd place in their group, qualifying them for the quarter finals. Here they lost against the team of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg 1:3. The next morning the mixed competition was on the agenda. The Karlsruhe pairing Carolin Reisig/Steven Yan won their first match, but then had to play the pairing seeded at position 1 and had no chance. Myriam Boesinger/Tobias Walch had a walk-through in the first round and then won clearly 3:0 against the number 11 seed.

Elimination in the round of 16

However, they were also eliminated in the round of 16 after a clear 0:3 defeat. Thomas Schüle started with Anne Reisig from the University of Mainz and Lukas Luchner with Julia Röderer from the PH Freiburg. For these two mixed pairs, too, the tournament was already over after the first and second round, respectively. In the singles competitions, seven of the eleven players who started made it through the group stage. Steven Yan, Patrick Mößner, Tobias Walch, Julian Beisecker and Lukas Luchner were also successful in the first main round. However, the opponents in the 2nd main round were all too strong. Only Lukas Luchner was able to enter the 3rd main round. In this round he had to congratulate the number 1 of the University of Hamburg to the victory despite a strong performance. In the women's doubles Carolin Reisig started with her sister Anne Reisig.

No big surprises

After an opening victory, they were defeated in the second round by the later runners-up. The men were not all able to follow up on the performances shown in the singles competition. Steven Yan/Tobias Bühner as well as Max Reich/Christoph Graf had to say goodbye already in the first round. Julian Beisecker and his doubles partner Julian Jirasek from the University of Darmstadt had the same fate. They too were eliminated in the first round. Patrick Mößner and Tobias Walch as well as Lukas Luchner/Simon Goetschi survived the first round and also showed in the second round what both pairings are capable of. They both won narrowly in five sets. In the round of 16, the matches went very unlucky from Karlsruhe's point of view. Mößner/Walch lost narrowly 1:3 and also for Luchner/Goetschi the tournament was over after five sets.

All in all, this year's university championships were a great experience for all participants. The participants from Karlsruhe were mostly satisfied with their performances, as they were able to keep up with the competition, some of which were several classes higher, even if the big surprises were missing.