DHM Table Tennis Hannover

  • Datum: 3. April 2019

DHM Table Tennis Hannover

On April 3, the intermediate round took place for the first team of KIT in Hanover as the last qualification hurdle of the German University Championships.
Deutsche Hochschulmeisterschaft Tischtennis Gruppenfoto

In the run-up, there were heated discussions about the line-up of the team that could be up to the task. At the same time, the team wanted to conserve resources so that it would be in top physical and mental shape if it reached the final four. Various analyses of the training performance and the competition performance in the recent past clearly resulted in the final line-up.

Jakob Schmid, who actually wanted to play in the back pair, got the confidence and started as number 1.

At number 2, the university rookie Jan Ebentheuer was lined up, who always performs at his best on behalf of his university.

At position 3, doubles specialist Julian Hertel was called up for tactical reasons.

In order to promote the young generation, Henry Müller, who is very keen on training, was chosen to prove his skills at position 4.

After an expensive BLITZ journey, the first hurdle against the host Hannover was taken confidently as expected. After their fellow competitors from Aachen had also only dropped one set against the hosts, the stage was set for an exciting showdown between Aachen and Karlsruhe.

The tactics of the line-up bore fruit directly in the first doubles match, which Jakob Schmid and Julian Hertel won in convincing fashion with a clear 3:0. Despite a very strong performance by the doubles players Jan Ebentheuer and Henry Müller, the second doubles match was lost 3:1 to the opponent.

The singles continued to be exciting. Jakob Schmid outgrew himself in his first single after a clear first set loss and was able to win the following 3 sets with a strong performance. In his second singles, he lost 1:3, as the opponent's number 1 won all close sets.

In his two singles Jan Ebentheuer radiated an innate calmness and composure in every situation, well knowing to use his strengths to help him win. Thus he decided the first single with a clear dominance in the 5th set for itself. While the second match after a bumpy start was finally steered in the right direction with a 3:1.

After a strong doubles performance, Julian Hertel fulfilled his duty and, with a keen eye on the increasingly important set ratio, won his first singles match 3:0. In his next singles match, he turned out to be a true gentleman, giving his opponent a short and painless 3:0 victory in accordance with the motto "Ladies First".

Taking on more and more responsibility, youngster Henry Müller fought his way to two essential set wins against an opponent who was in indomitable form. True to the motto "a good horse only jumps as high as it has to", he won the one set that was enough to win the match. After that, he stopped playing and finally lost 1:3.

KIT's entry into the final was thus perfect with a draw and a set ratio of 20:19.

We would like to thank the host Hannover for the smooth organization and the sympathetic atmosphere.