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Athletics team with 7 podium finishes at successful indoor German Championships

  • Datum: 24.01.2024
  • 60m men

    Of the six registered sprinters from KIT Karlsruhe, Tobias Kaloghlian and Colin Schiller made it into the B final. There, both were able to improve significantly to 7.04 and 7.18 seconds respectively, which earned them 9th and 15th place. Maximilian Hetz (7.30 s) and Julian Jake Bowe (7.34 s) ran solid times. Loris Cardoso set a new best time of 7.64 seconds. Lokesh Reddy Devarapalli (8.06 s) was able to gain new experience at his first competition.

    200m men

    Colin Schiller was visibly satisfied with his 200m run, delivering his second-fastest time under the indoor roof in 22.82 seconds. Julian Jake Bowe finished in 16th place, three places behind Colin, with a time of 23.05 seconds. Lokesh Reddy Devarapalli ran the 200m for the first time in 27.23 seconds.

    400m men

    Timo Müller ran the two indoor laps with courage and was rewarded with a new personal best time of 50.99 seconds. This put him in 9th place. Joao Cardoso Neves was not entirely satisfied with his run, despite a strong 300m split time of 37.3 seconds. His 53.38 seconds meant 15th place.

    800m men

    Alexander Kessler was still in the lead over the last 100m and moved up from third place on the home straight to be crowned German university champion in the men's 800m in 1:54.88 minutes. The second podium place for KIT Karlsruhe was secured by Luis Schaich in 1:54.99 min. Yannik Probst set the pace in the first time trial and rewarded himself with 1:57.98 min. and eighth place. His team-mate Johannes Hein followed in ninth place in 1:58.71 min. Collin Haug finished the race in 2:04.91 min.

    1500m men

    Simon Arnold finished 6th in a good 4:10.01. Benedict Bartels also competed for KIT, but unfortunately did not receive a valid time due to a misstep.

    3000m men

    Jannik Weiß and András Molnár competed in the 3000m. Weiß finished in a well-deserved third place with a time of 8:33.78. Molnár finished 7th in 9:05.53.

    60m hurdles

    After Tobias Kaloghlian had already stormed to a new best in the preliminaries, the KIT student improved to a strong 8.18s in the final of the 60m hurdles and thus only just had to concede to the winner Aaron Guirgian from Frankfurt and returned to Karlsruhe with the silver medal.

    Men's shot put

    Loris Cardoso competed in the shot put. He was able to improve his distance of 10.28 m from the second attempt to 10.33 m in the fifth round.

    Long jump men

    Lokesh Reddy Devarapalli was able to gain his first long jump experience and jumped 5.08 m in his second attempt. After initial teething problems, Loris Cardoso also jumped a distance of 5.84 m in the second round.

    Joschka Feilhauer got off to a promising start with 7.11 m in his first attempt and 7.30 m in his second. Unfortunately, the distance was to remain the same. A blockage in his ankle prevented any further jumps. Nevertheless, the KIT master's student of industrial engineering and management deserved his gold medal.

    Steffen Klinder improved from attempt to attempt and jumped a well-deserved 2nd place in the final round with an indoor best of 6.56 m.

    Jan Schläfer just missed the opportunity to make his last attempt, his best jump, valid and complete the medal set for the KIT. He had to settle for 6.13 m from the first attempt and 7th place.

    60m women

    Kiri Bürkle was delighted with a personal best time of 8.38 seconds. Setting her best time from the previous week, Louisa Breuer sprinted to the B final in 8.11 seconds. There, after unfortunately several attempts at the start, she was able to confirm her previous performance in 8.13 seconds.

    200m women

    In addition to the 60m, Louisa also competed over the full indoor lap and set a personal best in 26.57 seconds.

    Long jump women

    Lisa Kirchner achieved a satisfactory distance of 4.71 m in her third attempt. Kiri Fee Bürkle had some difficulties with her run-up. She was able to achieve a good result with a distance of 4.98 m.

    Less is more! The decision to jump from a shortened inrun paid off for Helena Brich Mittag on Sunday. After a first invalid jump and a slight correction of the inrun, Helena jumped 5.82 m from 14 steps. But that was not the end of the story. After three more invalid jumps, Helena jumped close to the 6m mark with 5.94m, still from a shortened inrun.