Titelbild HSP Summer-Kickoff

Successful start to the summer semester with HSP Summer Kickoff 2024

  • Datum: 10.04.2024
  • On April 9, 2024, KIT University Sports opened its doors for the sixth HSP Summer Kickoff. The event attracted a large number of students, employees and interested parties who wanted to find out about the various sports options. With a wide range of interactive hands-on activities, informative stands and culinary offerings, the summer semester 2024 was heralded in by the almost 30 participating departments.

    A wide range of sports were presented to visitors, including rugby, field hockey, quadball, American football, (beach) handball, gymnastics, forró, baseball, kitesurfing, lacrosse, footvolley, roundnet, rowing, underwater rugby, headis, hip-hop, calisthenics, table tennis, unicycle, sailing, golf, racing bike and ultimate frisbee. Through their commitment, the departments demonstrated the diversity and attractiveness of the university sports program and were able to introduce visitors to their sports in a playful way.

    In addition to the sports offers, the IfSS project "ActiveLearn - Healthy Learning at KIT" and the international buddy program of KIT also presented themselves with interactive information stands. The walk-in health center organized a flat bench rowing challenge, where attractive prizes were awarded. Best performances were set in the following categories:

    Women - non-members: 30 repetitions

    Women - walk-in members: 40 repetitions

    Men - non-members: 41 repetitions

    Men - walk-in members: 17 repetitions

    Other highlights were the coffee break with delicious coffee, brownies and pretzels (visit the coffee break at heimspiel! From 15.04.2024, every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11.00 to 15.00), as well as the sports equipment flea market and the delicious waffles from the university sports team. The donations from the two events were particularly pleasing, with a total of €171.50 collected for the benefit of Kinder und Jugend Arche Karlsruhe e.V. and donated the following day.

    With a successful start to the 2024 summer semester, the organization team is already looking forward to the next edition of the HSP Kickoff. We would like to thank all participants, helpers and visitors for their commitment and numerous participation in the HSP Summer Kickoff 2024. Thank you very much for your support!