Preview Historisches TanzenAlexander C. Mühlhausen (Saltatio Aachen e.V.)

New course offer: Historical dancing

  • Datum: 16.04.2024
  • On Wednesday, 17.04.2024 at 15.00 the booking for our new sports offer 'Historical Dance' opens. Sign up in large numbers! The course starts on 01.05.2024.

    Course description

    Historical dances enjoy great popularity worldwide, whether at medieval markets, live role-playing games or historicizing dance events. They are sociable, usually easy to learn and captivate with varied spatial figures, also as couple, circle or alley dances and have beautiful melodies. In addition to the basics, e.g. the internationally established figures, a broad overview of these dances is taught. The focus is on the joy of dancing and socializing. Previous dancing experience and a dance partner are not necessary.

    Please note: Clean shoes are compulsory!