Split 2013, EM Diary: Entry 4

  • Datum: 25.07.2013

Split 2013, EM Diary: Entry 4

The first match-free day for the boys - training, regeneration, beach and old town
split 2013

On Thursday, the basketball halls in Split remained completely empty. Tomorrow, the team will enter the knockout round where the KIT team will face the host from Split...

A very tough opponent for the team of coach Uli Himstedt, who could already watch the opponent last night in the decisive game for the group victory against Vienna. Not only due to the fact that you meet the host in the narrow hall with a great atmosphere makes the task so difficult. Especially the quality of the nimble and fast Croatians makes the match a real endurance test.

Thursday started for the team with a training session at 11.00 a.m. where, besides the athletic part, they already went into detail about the university team from Split. How seriously the Croatians take the KIT selection was shown by the fact that two officials of the Split selection inspected the training.

After the session, coach Uli Himstedt gave the boys time off, so the players could organize their time themselves. Besides visiting the beach, some of the players visited the beautiful old town of Split and enjoyed the day off...

However, the concentration is already on tomorrow's match. Tip-off is at 18.00!

We will keep you informed as always...

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