DHM Orienteering 2013: Karlsruhe women's relay team wins!

DHM Orienteering 2013: Karlsruhe women's relay team wins!

Traditionally on Ascension Day, the German University Championships in orienteering took place again this year on May 9/10. Once again well staffed with 13 starters, the team from Karlsruhe made hopes especially in the women's and the women-
DHM Orientierungslauf 2013
DHM Orienteering 2013

In the individual championships, Karlsruhe's defending champion Luise Kärger was not able to prevail in the face of quantitatively and qualitatively much stronger competition compared to last year, but it was still enough for her and Janeta Turka from the HS Karlsruhe in an open and fast Thuringian forest (Ilmenau) for very good top-10 placements among 35 runners. In the men's race, Vincent Poinsignon from KIT achieved the best placing for Karlsruhe with 16th place out of 41.

In the cup classes, Daniel Winter (KIT) and Alexander Armbruster (DHBW) also achieved very good placements in cup A with 6th and 8th place out of 23, for Tamara Treptow it was enough for 2nd place out of 5 in cup B.

The biggest success for the Karlsruhe team was the following day at the relay championships. While almost all Karlsruhe relays were eliminated last year, the first Karlsruhe women's relay team with Janeta Turka, Lena Stortz and Luise Kärger won the German University Championships in the relay this year. The first men's relay team with Georg Hinkel, Felix Czink and Vincent Poinsignon finished 8th.

Women's Individual Championship (35+3 starters, 6,7km, 220Hm, 21P)

1st Esther Doetsch (Uni Münster) 47:30
8th Janeta Turka (HS Karlsruhe) 1:01:56
9th Luise Kärger (KIT Karlsruhe) 1:02:19
20th Lena Stortz (KIT Karlsruhe) 1:13:59

Men individual championship (41+3 starters, 10,5km, 295Hm, 29P)

1st Bjarne Friedrichs (Uni Göttingen) 1:01:57
16th Vincent Poinsignon (KIT Karlsruhe) 1:22:50
22nd Georg Hinkel (KIT Karlsruhe) 1:38:04
29th Felix Czink (KIT Karlsruhe) 2:02:19
31st Andreas Wagner (KIT Karlsruhe) 2:11:01

Cup A (23+1 starters, 5,6km, 155Hm, 13P)

1st Daniel Härtelt (TU Dresden) 40:50
6th Daniel Winter (KIT Karlsruhe) 56:20
8th Alexander Armbruster (KIT Karlsruhe) 1:01:36
13th Stefan Brinkmöller (HS Karlsruhe) 1:05:31
14th Johanna Ritzau (KIT Karlsruhe) 1:05:44
15th Carina Mieth (KIT Karlsruhe) 1:09:36

Cup B (5+1 starters, 3,9km 140Hm, 9P)

1st Joachim Gerhardt (TU Dresden) 49:47
2nd Tamara Treptow (KIT Karlsruhe) 1:06:09

Women's relay championship (7+2 relays)

1st KIT Karlsruhe 1 in 1:37:04
7th KIT Karlsruhe 2 in 2:14:53

Men's relay championship (19+1 relays)

1st Uni Jena 3 in 1:34:13
7th KIT Karlsruhe 3 in 1:54:29
Miss KIT Karlsruhe 4