Two Karlsruhe badminton teams in DHM intermediate round

  • Datum: 26.11.2013

Two Karlsruhe badminton teams in DHM intermediate round

After the first Karlsruhe team had already won its group sovereignly, a small delegation under the name of "WG Karlsruhe 2" travelled to Darmstadt on Wednesday, 20.11. for their preliminary round tournament.

Decimated by illness, the Karlsruhe team started with two women and two men in a minimal line-up.
The opponents were WG Ulm and the host WG Darmstadt, led by Bundesliga player Thomas Legleitner. Already at the beginning of the first match against Ulm it was clear that it would be a very tight affair. While the men's doubles were able to secure a two-set victory, the women's doubles were unfortunate to lose in the extra time of the deciding set. The singles were also divided in a sporting-fair way, with a clear victory in the women's singles and a clear defeat in the men's singles. The decision therefore had to be made in the mixed, in which the Karlsruhe pair kept their opponents busy right from the start and ultimately won the third point and thus the victory against Ulm!

Afterwards, the match against Darmstadt was on the agenda. Here, the results from the first match were reversed. While the men could only keep up for one set in the doubles, but then the superiority of the opponents became too strong, the ladies were able to pull out an important three-set victory. In the following mixed, the respect for the opponent's men and his hitting power was too great, which meant that a 1:2 deficit was on the score sheet before the singles began. Here, too, the matches were divided equally, with the women's singles won and the men's singles lost.

Thus, after the conclusion of the matches with Karlsruhe participation, a point ratio of 2:2, a match ratio of 5:5 with a set ratio of 11:11 stood in the books, and the decision about reaching the second place, which entitled to reach the intermediate round, was in the hands of Darmstadt and Ulm, who now faced each other. The hope for a victory by Darmstadt and thus a clear situation was shattered by a strong performance by Ulm, so that in the end the slide rule had to be used. All teams had 2:2 points and 5:5 games on the credit side, so that only after evaluation of the set ratio it was clear that "Karlsruhe 2" had also reached the intermediate round! There after successful recovery hopefully again a complete team will stand ready.

The team would also like to thank the Darmstadt team for the smooth organization and the rich buffet, as well as all the players for the pleasant atmosphere and fair competition.

For the WG Karlsruhe competed: Amelie Fichter, Melanie Ortinau, Martin Bugla, Florian Falsett