KIT Table Tennis Team Fails at DHM Intermediate Round

KIT Table Tennis Team Fails at DHM Intermediate Round

In the intermediate round of the German University Championships in table tennis, the WG Karlsruhe 2 fought on 7.5.2014 in Leipzig for a place in the semi-finals of the DHM, which will take place from 13.6-15.6.2014 in Hamburg.
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The Karlsruhe team, which was the only university with two teams in the intermediate round, was only considered an outsider in the duel with the highly favored teams from Leipzig and Hamburg.
The team with the players Christoph Füllner, Patrick Mößner, Johannes Röderer and Julian Jirasek did not want to give up without a fight and put the favorites under pressure as best they could.

With a clear 6:0 win against Augsburg, the team got off to the best possible start and gained the necessary self-confidence for the other matches.

However, the second match against the team from Hamburg turned out to be an impossible task.
Only the players Füllner and Röderer as well as the double Füllner/ Mößner managed to win the sets, but they could not convert them into points.

In the last match against the host team from Leipzig, the team wanted to show its skills once again.
Against the team peppered with 2nd league and regional league players, however, this was a difficult undertaking.
The doubles brought a point division and with new courage one went into the singles. Unfortunately, all four singles were lost despite many beautiful rallies in the first round and so it was quickly 5:1 for Leipzig. In order to achieve a draw, all the following singles had to be won, which proved to be a difficult task.
In the second round, however, Christoph Füllner caused a solid surprise with his victory over Alexander Flemming (currently No. 29 in Germany). Unfortunately, this momentum could not be carried over into the further games and so the match ended with 6:2 points for Leipzig.

With one victory (6:0) and two defeats (0:6 and 2:6), the second team of the WG Karlsruhe was thus finished in the intermediate round of the German University Championships.

The match between the two favorite teams (Hamburg and Leipzig) was won by Hamburg 6:3 and the team is now allowed to fight for the title of the German University Champions in their home hall.