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Erasmus Students Network Sport-Mix Tournament at IfSS

  • Datum: 22.05.2023
  • On 13.05.2023, the Erasmus Students Network held its first Sport Mix Tournament in cooperation with University Sports. The official start of the ESN Sport Mix Tournament was around 10 am. After a short warm-up and group photo, the games started punctually at 11 am. There were 10 teams with 6 players each, so the total number of participants was 60 international students from different countries.

    Each team played 2 soccer matches (5v5), 2 basketball matches (3v3) and 2 volleyball matches (4v4), each lasting 12 minutes. In between the games, the teams had some time off to catch their breath or have a snack. At the end there was a 4x100m relay race. One point was awarded for winning a ball sport, while the winning team in the race received two points.

    In the end, a winning team was chosen. However, as two teams had the same number of points, the winner of the tournament had to be decided in an exciting penalty shoot-out.

    The ESN Sport Mix Tournament was enthusiastically received by the participants and at the end of the day everyone went home exhausted but satisfied.