Sports facilities

Beach volleyball courts

Our two beach volleyball facilities feature an advanced drainage system and very soft sand with fine grain size. The beach volleyball court is used for teaching, university sports courses and university league matches. A mobile floodlight system is also available for use.

Gymnastics hall

Measuring over 200 square meters and partitionable into two sections, our gymnasium with its mirrored wall and large glass wall looking onto the forest is one of the highlights amongst our sports facilities. The gym is available for teaching and university sports.

Gym 1

Our three-court multi-purpose gym (30 m x 15 m per court) was built in the late 70s and is home to all IfSS indoor sports. Optional partitioning into thirds using folding walls ensures flexibility of use for different sports. In addition to teaching, Gym 1 is also used for university sports courses. In addition, the home games of the indoor sports at the KIT SC, especially the regional league basketball matches of KIT SC Gequos, are held here.

Gym 2

Our new gym (built in 2011) offers state-of-the-art facilities in each of its three sections. The gym has offers for everyone, from the walk-in health centre or the two spacious sports gym sections, each measuring 23 m x 15 m, to the state-of-the-art, electrically adjustable climbing wall. In addition to lectures, Gym 2 is also used for university sports courses. KIT SC also uses this hall for its volleyball teams.

KIT Stadium

Our 105 m x 65 m grass field is the perfect place to let off steam, especially for football and frisbee. Teaching various ball sports, as well as university sports courses, take place on the artificial turf. It is also used by KIT SC and KSC.

Artificial turf

Modern, high-fibre artificial turf covering (built in 2010) with a field size of 95 m x 60 m. Our artificial turf meets the highest demands and is used intensively by many teaching and service units. It is used for university league matches. With its innovative LED floodlight masts, year-round use is possible.


Die 2018 im Zuge der Umbaumaßnahmen neu errichtete Multifunktionsfreilufthalle ist eine innovative Mischung aus Sportplatz und Sporthalle. Sie bietet den Studenten eine allwetter-taugliche Sportanlage und gleichzeitig die Möglichkeit ganzjährig Sport in natürlicher Atmosphäre an der frischen Luft zu betreiben. Gleichzeitig schafft die Freilufthalle mit einer Kunstrasen-Fläche von 800 Quadratmeter, zusätzliche Kapazität für die Hochschulsportgruppen und die Lehre des IfSS. Neben der reinen Sportnutzung eignet sich die Freilufthalle auch für Veranstaltungen, Feste und Feiern.

Schwimming pool

Our swimming pool is 25 meters in length and has 5 lanes. The pool features a height-adjustable, liftable floor that is generally set at 3.80 meters in depth. In addition, the swimming pool has a three-meter diving tower and a one-meter high diving board. The water temperature is 27.5 degrees.

Tartan track and field running track

Completed in 2014, the Tartan track with its large, double long-jump and triple-jump offers outstanding training facilities and meets the highest standards. Our students can take advantage of many great features such as photoelectric sensors, a force measuring plate station and a 6-lane, 400m-circular track with very soft tread. A mobile floodlight system is also available during use.

Tennis courts

University sports courses, teaching and KIT SC's tennis teams use the eight tennis courts at the sports institute. In addition, a centre court with grandstand for about 300 spectators is available for special events. The idyll of being right in the middle of the forest also creates a unique atmosphere.